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UPDATE: The founder of this group asked me to take over for her, but I will keep her original mission statement for the group here. Even though I have never heard of a "Multipotentialite" or the movie "Where the Heart Is", and I've never watched an episode of "That 70s Show". I will try to get this group a little more active going forward. It has a pretty small membership count right now, which sometimes make this difficult, but that has its advantages as well. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. -ChrisD

Do you want to be friends with other rad artists in our area and are sick of creating alone? Sick of being told to focus on one topic? Have been told you are a "Multipotentialite" (See TED talks)?
It seems like there are just groups on here focusing on one topic.
I'm primarily a writer, and sick of going to groups that ONLY talk about writing, even though that is my primary passion.
Making art is partially about getting inspired with multiple mediums, networking, and creating with other people.

It has always been my dream to find a close knit group of artist friends a la movie Where the Heart Is. Or like That 70s Show but with creative people.

So let's talk about the artists you are currently worshiping.
Song you are learning.
Ideas for films you have.
Swap and promote each other's art,
and just do fun creative stuff!

Curious if there are people out here like me!

I prefer smaller group events as I am just one person who is very broke and overcoming social anxiety but wanting to connect with people. That being said I would also like to meet as many Artists as I can so co-organizers are very welcome. This is somewhat of an experiment for me.

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