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The mission of the Cincinnati Debate Society is to keep the community informed by hosting debates on local and national issues. As a member of this group you can both participate or watch--because debate is a spectator's sport, the debates that will take place throughout the year.

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**11/25/16 Updated--I have updated the name of this event at the advice of Joel, so that we can keep a conversation going regarding future debate topics. Please continue to post debate topics for future consideration.** A Below are a few of the debate topics I have received thus far. Please comment to determine which topic will be our first debate. Feel free to include an additional topic for consideration! 1) Doctors are represented by state medical boards, nurses by nursing boards, and hospitals by hospital guilds. Don't patients deserve representation too, like from a state patients board? 2) Obama's comments that Hillary "always" puts the interests of America and the American people first. That contradicts this mess she created by using a private, unauthorized email server because she "opted" for "convenience" to use one device (which the FBI proved was a lie) 3) With AI predicted to replace 50-85% of the current jobs by 2050 and very few new jobs created, how will people find income?

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