What we're about

Calling all photography enthusiasts with a love and passion for any aspects of Film/Analog Photography.

It is no secret, that film is making a resurgence in the art community. Also referred to as Traditional Imagery or Analog.

We hope to attract and involve photographers in film shooting, processing, traditional wet printmaking, and in general, all things film.

The art community has known since the discovery of silver-halide based imagery that film holds a bit of magic in its "look and feel". It still is King in many artists minds.

I wish to make this a learning and teaching environment and grow the film photographers community in the Greater Cincinnati area. Come help this idea grow and flourish.

As with my other group, membership is free and will remain so. All meetings are also free unless we are meeting when the venue has an entrance charge. Most, however, should be free.

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Organizational event for CFPG

North Central Public Library

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