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HI ALL Note that is meetup does not have a real time or place on purpose. we will arrange the meeting via email. I have some stuff to share before the meeting. I am starting something big in the Social Good / Common Good / Social Impact category and I would like to get people to help. I have used my Entrepreneurial mind and my Startup Enthusiasm to create some exciting new stuff for helping other people. I need other like-minded people to join me and help build this out. I would expect you to spend at least 1 hour a week minimum (mainly from home) working on our projects plus at least a monthly meeting. I have at least 20 different projects all tied together under a new umbrella for the Common Good organization. All things related to helping other people, solving world problems, solving all the bad things in the daily news, finding needs and filling them, etc. There is a lot to go over so please signup for the meetup meeting but then EMAIL me at startupohio at so I can email you some stuff. We will mainly start talking via email and then will set up the real meeting when we are ready. We have to talk first to determine what you are going to want to do, what your position would be and stuff like that. Again there are a least 20 different Social Impact projects, but just ONE of the projects is to set up something code named Wonderbator. There is nothing like it now ...we are creating something new. We create a startup incubator-like group for Social Impact, except I want to take the renting space part out and create a moonlighting - work from home with some physical meetings thing. Instead of creating companies our focus is on figuring out the problems and solutions associated with a Social Impact Problem. So we create Wonder rather than a company. I have a bunch of information on this and I need help going thru it and coming up with the presentations and simple explanations, expanding my ideas and coming up with more ideas to flesh out the whole thing and in general help bringing this great thing into existence. Thanks Alex Jonas remember to EMAIL me at startupohio at . subject Social Good Meetup.. you can send me a message via meetup with your email also just be sure to mention Social Good meeting as I run multiple meetups.

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