What we're about

In short, if you have seen the Zeitgeist Film Series by Peter Joseph and it resonates with you - this group is for you.

If you have not, let me be very clear, this film series and the societal issues it surfaces are HIGHLY critical of our current economic systems. Religion, capitalism (as well as communism, socialism, fascism, and any ideology based in monetary economics), will be discussed in a VERY critical manner as well as other "pillars" of our current society. If you are still reading and these topics interest you, I hope you will join us! I will put a link to the film series website at the bottom.

That being said, what will we do at these Meetups? Initially I am simply looking for like-minded individuals to discuss human existence. Deep, I know. Obviously these discussions will hinge around the topics Peter Joseph reviews in the film series - but I also intend to branch in to subtopics (such as how do we transition to a resource based economy, as an example) and further the discussion. If all goes well and the interest is there, I hope we can collectively decide as a group how best to get involved in The Zeitgeist Movement.

Finally, this isn't intended to be an all doom and gloom discussion group! I hope we can have meaningful, scientific based discussions on what we already see changing in addition to what we see possible in the near future. We will also throw in topics related to books, documentaries, and applicable stand up comedy (George Carlin!) to shake things up and spark conversation.

If something seems off with our current social-economic structures, and you can't put your finger on it, this might be a great meetup for you to explore. Insert obligatory Matrix reference: if you haven't already, come join us and "take the red pill!"


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Cincinnati Zeitgeist Group - 1st Meeting for Change!

Anderson Branch Library

Hello Zeitgeist enthusiasts/idea explorers! This is our first meetup. I'm sorry it is not as centrally located as I would have liked, but unfortunately public library weekend space is hard to come by. I do think a library is the perfect venue for our discussion though (we'll talk more about this), so I hope you will come out and travel as necessary so you can participate!

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