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Three things we got tired of hearing from folks:

1. “None of my friends are into backpacking! So I have nobody to go with.”

2. “None of my backpacking friends are available to go when I’m free!”

3. “I love the outdoors, but I don’t know anybody who can help me get into backpacking!”

Assuming that the above is true (and not due to bad breath, personal hygiene issues, or offensive personality traits) all you really need is some new friends who backpack! ;-) You have come to the right place! Relax and take a deep breath!

Backpacking is what we do! Check out our Message Board and Calendar. Look at our trip photos. We have some awesome, experienced trip leaders and instructors. We have several events per month. Come out and take a hike!

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Cincinnati Backpackers "FUN"-raiser

Sharon Woods


Cincinnati Backpackers Picnic and Fundraiser. (Originally July 14 - anyone who paid $20 already will be confirmed for this new date) This is a new event for this group - we will have a family picnic for backpackers old and new. Current backpackers: bring your significant other(s) to meet your backpacking buddies. New backpackers: if you've not attended any of our backpacking trips, here is your chance to meet us and ask questions about our trips and get to know us! The cost will be $20 per family (paid in advance on this Meetup web site and non-refundable). This cost will include: shelter reservation, burgers (meat and veggie), dogs, buns, drinks (tea and crystal lite - bring your own soda and/or adult beverages/coolers) and ice. The funds collected will also be used to help defray the cost of the Meetup website ($180 per year) - I've been paying this fee (with help of some others who contribute from time to time - thank you!), but as I near retirement I would like to put something in place to continue this Meetup group if I am not around so this annual picnic is my first try at this goal. The Council Bluff picnic shelter reservation at Sharon Woods includes: Park entry fee provided for each car Restrooms within 650 ft Handicap accessible 2 bbq grills 15 picnic tables playfield with volleyball net water spigot In addition to $20 per family, we're asking you to bring side dish or dessert: Last names A-M: side dish, Last names N-Z: dessert. Feel free to bring lawn/soccer chairs, outdoor sports equipment, etc. The reservation is for 10am to 9pm, but you can arrive whenever you want and stay as long as you want. I figure we'll fire up the grills around 1pm and keep them going as long as people are hungry. I look forward to seeing many people, old and new, attend our FUN-raiser! Please include guest count (family only please) in your RSVP so I know how much food to buy. (Check back here for additional details in case I forgot something.) NOTE: after posting this event, I noticed the website says $20 per person - this is incorrect, it is $20 per family (I can't change how the website states the cost) NOTE2: Seems the Meetup website takes your guest count and multiplies by $20...NO!!...So I am changing the event to not allow guests, so that no one gets confused about the $20 per family. Just let me know how many family members by posting the number of guests in the message posting area below the event...sorry about that. GPS for Council Bluff picnic shelter:[masked], [masked]

Exploring/Backpacking the Logan Trail in Tar Hollow State Forest

This is a 17.9 mile hike and its not for beginners. This is relativity close to Hocking Hills and Lake Hope. We hope to be hiking about[masked] mph for the duration of this hike and stop take the occasional break when needed. This jagged, figure-8 trail is marked with red blazes throughout. The loops converge at the Brush Ridge Fire Tower, which is also considered one of the trailheads. The second trailhead can be found below the Pine Lake Dam. Backpackers can camp at the fire tower through reservation at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry. The loops of this trail converge at the Brush Ridge Fire Tower where hikers can get a look at the deciduous forest on all sides for miles. The spillway at Pine Lake and Brush Ridge Fire Tower are considered trailheads for the Logan Backpack Trail. The trail is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. There are primitive campsites for backpackers as well as access to the campground. We will meet at the Fire Tower Trailhead at 4pm. of course, remember to bring the proper gear. I happened to discover backpacking trail by accident.

Shiloh Military (Boy Scout) Trails

Shiloh National Military Park

Looking for more this spring/fall to hike the Shiloh Military Trails that I trekked with Boy Scouts over 20 years ago. http://shilohmilitarytrails.org/PDF/Pointsofinterest1.pdf Please contact me if interested so we can discuss adding you to this trip; there is much planning to accomplish, date not firm yet. You will be spending money up front on maps, reading material, etc. that you cannot get back, so please do not be a recreational bidder. I am cross posting this on another meetup site; group total will be four including me. Buster, my trail dog, will be with us. You must be self-sufficient. Currently there are 8 trails open that total 90 miles. We will base camp at a place with showers and hike a different trail each day; there will be additional costs to you for the lodging that we choose. This may be a 10 to 14 day trip, 7 days hiking the long trails, Battlefield Trek day of arrival, Indian Mounds Trek day of departure (or vice-versa), and weather/zero-mile days if needed. If the #6 trail reopens, we will also do it. Here are the hikes. http://shilohmilitarytrails.org/index.html Visit the sites of the most epic struggle in the Western Theater of the Civil War. Nearly 110,000 American troops clashed in a bloody contest that resulted in 23,746 casualties; more casualties than in all of America's previous wars combined. Explore both the Shiloh and Corinth battlefields to discover the impact of this struggle on the soldiers and on the nation. Interesting Facts About Shiloh Monuments Numerous smaller monuments are located throughout the park including about 40 for Illinois, 22 for Indiana, 12 for Iowa, and 34 for Ohio. They are scattered through fields and woods. There are 210 cannons located though out the park. Nineteen different states were represented at the Battle of Shiloh. Of these, fifteen states have erected monuments of the battlefield in memory of their sons who fought and died at Shiloh. Interesting Facts About Shiloh Personalities Two Union Generals who were at Shiloh were later elected Presidents of the United States, Grant and Garfield. Another Union General who fought at Shiloh was Lee Wallace, author of the book "Ben Hur". Stanley, the African explorer who found Dr. Livingston, fought as a Confederate soldier at Shiloh. The Union Surgeon General, DR. B.J.D. Irwin who had the battlefield tent hospital erected at Shiloh was the first man to be recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Confederate General Breckenridge served as Vice President in 1860. General A.S. Johnston, killed at Shiloh, is the only full general in the history of this nation to be killed in battle. West Point graduates who fought at Shiloh: Union: Grant, Sherman, Buell Confederate: Johnston, Hardee, Bragg, Polk, Beauregard, Ruggles, Wheeler General Polk was an Episcopal Bishop. General Sherman was formerly President of L.S.U. The purpose of the Shiloh Military Trails Inc. is to engender interest in the history and beauty of this National Military Park by providing multiple hiking venues in and near the park which are designed to educate and entertain while at the same time providing vigorous and healthy outdoor activity. The Shiloh Military Trails were set up in June 1960 by Ken Humphreys, a Boy Scout leader in Memphis and the Shiloh National Park Superintendent. There are eleven different hikes (9 trails and 2 treks) ranging in length from 2 to 20 miles. The trails are managed by a nonprofit corporation, Shiloh Military Trails, Inc. and are staffed by volunteers drawn mostly from scouting and hiking organizations. After someone has completed six different hikes and other requirements they qualify to be designated as a "Shiloh Veteran Hiker" and receive a special patch, pin and a 12 x 16 certificate. *****LOOK BELOW***** By signing up and/or participating in this event, you fully accept our liability waiver: https://www.meetup.com/CincinnatiBackpackers/pages/1036870/Cincinnati_Area_Backpackers_Meetup_Waiver/

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