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Three things we got tired of hearing from folks:

1. “None of my friends are into backpacking! So I have nobody to go with.”

2. “None of my backpacking friends are available to go when I’m free!”

3. “I love the outdoors, but I don’t know anybody who can help me get into backpacking!”

Assuming that the above is true (and not due to bad breath, personal hygiene issues, or offensive personality traits) all you really need is some new friends who backpack! ;-) You have come to the right place! Relax and take a deep breath!

Backpacking is what we do! Check out our Message Board and Calendar. Look at our trip photos. We have some awesome, experienced trip leaders and instructors. We have several events per month. Come out and take a hike!

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Zaleski Overnight Backpacking (Sept. 21/22)

Zaleski State Forest Backpack Trailhead Parking

Who’s up for an early autumn overnight to Zaleski September 21-22? (Hoping the face spiders will have called it in by then, lol!) Hike 5 or 12 miles Saturday then 5-6 Sunday, total of up to 18 miles for the weekend. Zaleski State Forest, near Lake Hope State Park, offers a variety of history, interesting features, terrain and flora/fauna. This 2-day/1-night trip will total up to 18 miles. This hike is probably appropriate for beginning backpackers who are comfortable hiking 10+ miles per day on hilly terrain and are capable of doing so with a full pack; speed will be around 2.5 mph. There are a few little climbs on this trip but some nice scenery with rock formations, a couple ponds and a neat old pine plantation on the north loop. Zaleski State Forest Info: http://forestry.ohiodnr.gov/zaleski HIKE PLAN: Saturday we’ll meet at the trailhead and hit the trail promptly at 9:00 a.m. (if you’re late be prepared to catch up) and hike approximately 4.8 miles up the east leg of the middle loop to Camp H/3 where we’ll break for lunch, pitch tents if you like, maybe gather some firewood. Then those who want to can join me for the 7-mile north loop back to Camp H where we’ll spend the night. Anyone not wanting to do the loop can hang in camp of course (we’ll leave you a saw, just sayin’ ;) ). Sunday morning we’ll break camp by 8:30 and hike about 5.5 miles back to the trailhead via the west side of the middle loop. WATER: Potable water is available at the campsite, as is a pit latrine. Water in creeks and ponds in the area is not recommended for drinking even if treated due to mining pollution. Plan to arrive with your water bottles full, as water at the trailhead is not always turned on. GEAR/FOOD: You’ll need all your own gear/food for this trip and make sure you’re warm enough for forecast lows. You’ll need lunch, dinner and snacks for Saturday and breakfast and snacks for Sunday. DOGS: Well-behaved dogs are welcome on this trip and should be prepared to be leashed at all times. Dogs MUST be leashed in the vicinity of all road crossings, no exceptions. WEATHER: Waaaay too early to tell, will update in comments closer to the trip. OPTIONAL: Brunch buffet at Lake Hope Lodge Sunday if anyone is interested; the food is excellent. Cost is $15-$20. You already know I’m in! CARPOOL: Feel free to discuss in the comments. I’m coming from Columbus if anyone up here wants a ride. CANCELATION DISCLAIMER: This trip will likely be canceled if the forecast is for all rain/thunderstorms. If you have ANY questions about gear or this trip, please email me at sonyacarius at onemillrun dot com or call/text[masked]

Appalachian Trail Backpacking Workshop & Trip

Mountain Harbour Bed and Breakfast


Appalachian Trail Backpacking Workshop & Trip The Roan Highlands in Tennessee and North Carolina September 25 - 29, 2019 Fee: $410/person Offered by: Outdoor Adventure Connection Increase your level of backpacking expertise and wet your appetite for a long- distance hike on this 4 day, 3 night Appalachian Trail backpacking adventure. This hike includes spectacular, wide open panoramic views of the Roan Highlands, a stay at the highest shelter on the Appalachian Trail and educational workshops. Roan Mountain is famous for its spectacular natural gardens of Catawba rhododendrons. For more information and to register visit: https://www.outdooradventureconnection.com/trip-roanhighlands-sep.php This is a great hike for intermediate backpackers wishing to increase their distance as well as the number of days in the backcountry. This trip is designed for those who wish to go backpacking on the trail with experienced guides and those who wish to learn more about Appalachian Trail hiking. The night before our trip will be spent at Mountain Harbour Hostel and B&B in Roan Mountain, Tennessee, an Appalachian Trail hiker's favorite. Prerequisite: Our backpacking overnight trip or equivalent. The Roan Highlands are one of the most beautiful places on the southern Appalachian Trail. Roan Mountain is a true gem of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Whether hiking the grassy balds or strolling through gardens of tree sized catawba rhododendron, this place has a special feeling. The air is thin here and the climate feels like Canada. The wind swept forest of spruce and fir lives like an island floating above the mixed hardwood forest below. While the highest parts of the mountain have a dark mossy forest, much of the highlands are lacking trees. The Appalachian balds of the Roan are meadows in the sky. Roan Mountain is the highest point in the area, peaking out around 6,300 feet. The Tennessee - North Carolina state line runs across Roan Mountain. For more information and to register visit: https://www.outdooradventureconnection.com/trip-roanhighlands-sep.php

Cumberland Falls Area Backpacking Trip

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Details This is a weekend backpacking trip to the Cumberland Falls area in Kentucky. We will be camping at Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort on Friday night to give everyone a chance to work on Friday and drive down later. I’ll probably arrive mid-afternoon so if you want to leave Cincinnati early, that is an option too for you too. On Saturday and Sunday we will backpack to Laurel Lake dam with backcountry camp overnight at Bark Creek. Hike Plan: Friday Sep 27: Carpool from Florence KY Walmart as usual. Suggested meet time is 5:30 so folks can work. However, we're camping at the Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort, so late arrivals won't be a problem - it is easy to find --> https://www.ky-rafting.com/ (GPS:[masked], [masked]) I'll reserve primitive campsite B8 (showers, restroom, wifi so its not that primitive). When you arrive and park, grab your gear and walk between the main office and the restrooms and find the trail back to the B campsites (look for a tent with an LED light string). Campsite is $26 per night and I will purchase some firewood - estimated cost per person for this trip will be $5 Saturday Sep 28: We will stage a car at the ending trailhead near Laurel Dam so we can transport the drivers back to get the cars on Sunday. We will start the trip at Cumberland Falls State Park at mile 219 on the Sheltowee Trace. We’ll go northbound on Sheltowee about 8 miles and camp at the Bark Creek Camp shelter (between Sheltowee mile marker 212 and 211). The shelter has room for about 4 or 5 people and there are plenty of campsites adjacent plus trees for the hammock folks. Water for filtering is nearby (Bark Creek) – no privy/outhouse. Sunday Sep 29: We’ll backpack about 7 miles to Laurel Dam (mile marker 205). We’ll use the staged car to go retrieve the other cars. (there is a public restroom here at the parking area that may be open) Post hike meal will be at the Cumberland Falls State Park lodge dining room. * Distance: This will likely be a total of 15 to 16 backpacking miles. No big climbs. * Pace: Moderate * Travel time: About 4.0 hours driving time from Cincinnati * Leave No Trace. Pack It In - Pack It Out. * Dogs: allowed but must remain on leash at all times and under strict command of the owner * The trip limit and RSVP deadline can change without notice. *****LOOK BELOW***** By signing up and/or participating in this event, you fully accept our liability waiver: https://www.meetup.com/CincinnatiBackpackers/pages/1036870/Cincinnati_Area_Backpackers_Meetup_Waiver/

Shiloh Military (Boy Scout) Trails

Shiloh National Military Park

Looking for more this spring/fall to hike the Shiloh Military Trails that I trekked with Boy Scouts over 20 years ago. http://shilohmilitarytrails.org/PDF/Pointsofinterest1.pdf Please contact me if interested so we can discuss adding you to this trip; there is much planning to accomplish, date not firm yet. You will be spending money up front on maps, reading material, etc. that you cannot get back, so please do not be a recreational bidder. I am cross posting this on another meetup site; group total will be four including me. Buster, my trail dog, will be with us. You must be self-sufficient. Currently there are 8 trails open that total 90 miles. We will base camp at a place with showers and hike a different trail each day; there will be additional costs to you for the lodging that we choose. This may be a 10 to 14 day trip, 7 days hiking the long trails, Battlefield Trek day of arrival, Indian Mounds Trek day of departure (or vice-versa), and weather/zero-mile days if needed. If the #6 trail reopens, we will also do it. Here are the hikes. http://shilohmilitarytrails.org/index.html Visit the sites of the most epic struggle in the Western Theater of the Civil War. Nearly 110,000 American troops clashed in a bloody contest that resulted in 23,746 casualties; more casualties than in all of America's previous wars combined. Explore both the Shiloh and Corinth battlefields to discover the impact of this struggle on the soldiers and on the nation. Interesting Facts About Shiloh Monuments Numerous smaller monuments are located throughout the park including about 40 for Illinois, 22 for Indiana, 12 for Iowa, and 34 for Ohio. They are scattered through fields and woods. There are 210 cannons located though out the park. Nineteen different states were represented at the Battle of Shiloh. Of these, fifteen states have erected monuments of the battlefield in memory of their sons who fought and died at Shiloh. Interesting Facts About Shiloh Personalities Two Union Generals who were at Shiloh were later elected Presidents of the United States, Grant and Garfield. Another Union General who fought at Shiloh was Lee Wallace, author of the book "Ben Hur". Stanley, the African explorer who found Dr. Livingston, fought as a Confederate soldier at Shiloh. The Union Surgeon General, DR. B.J.D. Irwin who had the battlefield tent hospital erected at Shiloh was the first man to be recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Confederate General Breckenridge served as Vice President in 1860. General A.S. Johnston, killed at Shiloh, is the only full general in the history of this nation to be killed in battle. West Point graduates who fought at Shiloh: Union: Grant, Sherman, Buell Confederate: Johnston, Hardee, Bragg, Polk, Beauregard, Ruggles, Wheeler General Polk was an Episcopal Bishop. General Sherman was formerly President of L.S.U. The purpose of the Shiloh Military Trails Inc. is to engender interest in the history and beauty of this National Military Park by providing multiple hiking venues in and near the park which are designed to educate and entertain while at the same time providing vigorous and healthy outdoor activity. The Shiloh Military Trails were set up in June 1960 by Ken Humphreys, a Boy Scout leader in Memphis and the Shiloh National Park Superintendent. There are eleven different hikes (9 trails and 2 treks) ranging in length from 2 to 20 miles. The trails are managed by a nonprofit corporation, Shiloh Military Trails, Inc. and are staffed by volunteers drawn mostly from scouting and hiking organizations. After someone has completed six different hikes and other requirements they qualify to be designated as a "Shiloh Veteran Hiker" and receive a special patch, pin and a 12 x 16 certificate. *****LOOK BELOW***** By signing up and/or participating in this event, you fully accept our liability waiver: https://www.meetup.com/CincinnatiBackpackers/pages/1036870/Cincinnati_Area_Backpackers_Meetup_Waiver/

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