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Are you in your 20s, or about to enter them? Do you like watching movies? Are you into artsy stuff and want to make friends who are also into artsy stuff? Then this is the group for you!

Every weekend or so, we watch a movie and then get drinks afterwards. Most of the time, we'll see something playing in theaters -- not just new movies, but also screenings of classic stuff, for example at the Metrograph. Occasionally, we'll host a special screening. (We don't have a consistent screening space yet, so if anyone has any ideas, or if you go to a college around here and can get us a room, please let us know!)

The movies we see will have no bounds in regards to nationality, genre, release date, popularity, or even just straight up weirdness (although right now our events will probably tend towards "mainstream" genres, to grow the club). Variety is the spice of life, and as long as something looks interesting and high-quality, we can see it. Suggestions are always welcome!

So, lengthy preamble aside, let's watch some movies, get to know each other, and have a great time!

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"The Wandering Earth" @ AMC Empire 25

AMC Empire 25

Synopsis: The sun is dying, several million years ahead of schedule, and Planet Earth will soon be engulfed by it. To save human civilization, scientists draw up a mind-bogglingly ambitious escape plan: relocate the entire planet to the orbit of a new star. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8LAwozrXPo Foreign science fiction movies are already rare enough that each new one is an event in itself; foreign science fiction epics are essentially unheard of. This might be the first one since Stalker (1979), and it's no surprise that it comes from China. It looks like their answer to Interstellar, and the start of a major new artistic power. 7:30PM Monday, at AMC Empire 25. I recommend buying tickets a couple days in advance. I'll update here soon with more details.

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"Possession" @ Anthology

Anthology Film Archives

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