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Welcome to the fastest-growing indie film community based in London! Through our typically joyful and vibrant events, we connect like-minded individuals in the industry, from undergrads to veterans, from amateurs to professionals, from cinema makers to cinema goers... There will always be a place for you!


Each month we host two types of events held at a hired venue in which we provide a fantastic creative list of drinks including a few cocktails inspired by classic Hollywood films! The events are:

1. Pitch & Show and Tell: It’s a fantastic networking event to hit the stage and pitch your skills and what you look for from the other talents in the room. We take a step further by providing you with a screen to show your trailers, showreels, slideshows ...

2. Screening short films: let’s say you’ve met people at our networking event and collaborated to make a film or have one you made in the past/recently... We then give you the chance to screen it on a large projector screen to all the guests.
But there’s more we provide you constructive feedback from the audience and a chance to be entered into our festival 😯


If you have a film 🎞 you’d like us to screen 📽 send it over via WeTransfer, YouTube/Vimeo/Google Drive link to team@cinebooth.co.uk


Email: team@cinebooth.co.uk
Facebook: @cinebooth.co.uk (http://www.facebook.co.uk/cinebooth.co.uk)
Instagram: @cinebooth.co.uk (http://www.instagram.com/cinebooth.co.uk)
Website: www.cinebooth.co.uk (http://www.cinebooth.co.uk/)

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Networking Event: Open Mic | Showreels & Presentations | Featured Talk

***CINEBOOTH IS BACK, 2020 LET'S DO THIS!*** Do you wish to find like-minded people within the indie film community to collaborate on your projects? Do you love pitching on the mic but sometimes you feel like you need more ways to justify your skills in the film industry? Are you looking for the perfect candidate to invite to your projects? Then this is your perfect FREE opportunity! Cinebooth proudly provides two choices for you to present your talent to everyone in the room: --> OPEN MIC: The classic grab-that-mic style for you to pitch like never before! --> SHOW & TELL 📽: Seeing and hearing can facilitate expressing what you're really capable of, hence we have multiple devices available through which you can show your showreels, trailers, slideshows and even play audio files if you’re a composer. --> SPECIAL GUEST - MAKING A LOW BUDGET SHORT FILM: We are proud to present Norman Tamkivi with the first featured talk at our recurring Cinebooth events! When as independent filmmakers we set out to start with a new project, we come up with ideas and premises that look exciting, but usually along the way (quite quickly actually) even the apparently simple scenes to shoot become a challenge of "how do I make it?", "and then "how do I make it actually work like I wanted?". Our vision and the achievable become separated by a chasm of nervousness and then we start losing confidence in where is this all going. Join us and found out the how /// HOW DO I SUBMIT MY CONTENT? 📧 It's as simple as sending your Vimeo, WeTransfer, Google or YouTube link to [masked]. Listed below is an example of things you can submit - please keep them at a maximum of 3 minutes: --> Showreel | Trailer | Slideshow | Audio | Other /// SO WHY US ? We like to host our events in a very special way, by getting to know our guests and their needs, allowing us to help them connect with the right people in the room. We have a minimum of 4 hosts on the night to be able to provide a very professional guest service, always with a warm, family vibe. What is so special about these events is that we take a step further than just offering you a mic to pitch: we screen via a projector onto a large any content under 3 minutes you wish to present, to help the attendees visualise your talent and we see this as pure gold when it comes too networking events. /// THE EVENING PROGRAMME 1. Our relaxed reception with a twist: Arrive, meet and greet! 2. Network: time to get exchanging business cards whilst enjoy food and drinks. Don't have a business card? That's alright we have pens and paper for absolutely everyone in the room. 3. The standard procedure: Cinebooth Group Photo - let's keep those memories alive! 4. Mic Briefing: Who we are and what to expect from the night. 5. Open Mic with Show & Tell: This is where the fun begins... Grab that mic and pitch what you've brought for everyone. 6. Up until this late? Yes, let's keep the fun going with our soundtrack-inspired music playlist, get more great refreshments and meal deals to find those people who's pitch or showreel you liked the most. 7. Goodbye: it's that time to shake hands, give a hug and say bye, but it's not over as you can join our free web platform to find people from the event you didn't have time to speak to. /// CONTACT DETAILS --> Email: [masked] --> Website: www.cinebooth.co.uk FREE ENTRY 6:30pm till 10:30pm (close at 11.00pm) Beers, Sodas, Cocktails Cinebooth music playlist all night. PICCADILLY CIRCUS STATION FOLLOW US & SPREAD THE LOVE --> FB and IG: @cinebooth.co.uk Hosting: Harry Woodford, Bruno Machado, Marcial Miño, Jonatan Miño, Vlad Ghilas

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