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Are you sick of your Sunday mornings passing by in a haze of laziness? Do you wish them to be ever so slightly less lazy? OR are you a super active Sunday morning person who secretly craves to be a whole lot lazier? Do you find yourself compulsively addicted to the cinema, most especially at preposterous and improbable hours of the day? Do you feel dormant and rebellious reservoirs of your soul light up with glee at the thought of sneaking contraband food into the cinema? If you find yourself nodding along enthusiastically (or even nonchalantly) then The Cinema Breakfast Club might be for you.

Those of us who regularly indulge in this irregular habit would compare it to arising early of a morning and sitting on a mountaintop to watch the sunrise…although instead of the sun you have a darkened screen and instead of being immersed in nature you are ensconced in a manmade McCinema monstrosity…besides that though it’s pretty much exactly the same…ahem…anyway we decided to share the best keep secret in cinema-going with all of you: cheap ticket prices, no big queues, no (or at the very least, few) screaming children or chatty teens, your choice of seats and an all round relaxing movie experience. So join us for sex, adventure, laughs, tears, spaceships, monsters and mayhem*!

(*please note: these can only be guaranteed to occur on screen)

Our meetups will take place fortnightly on a Sunday morning in Cineworld, Parnell Street. If you have a Cineworld Unlimited card you’re plain sailing but if you don’t you are still in luck, as ticket prices before 12PM are at the bargain price of €8.60 (or €7.81 if you book online). Movie times will be between 10 and 11:30 depending on scheduling. Those who care to, can meet in the bar area before the film so they can sit together inside but we will meet for a proper sit down and discussion after the movie. The dates will be posted weeks in advance and the movie title confirmed on the wednesday before the meetup. We are at the mercy of the Cineworld Scheduling Gods so movie titles and times will change from time to time, do keep an eye on updates.

For the especially bedbound of our cohort, we will on occasion venture into brunch territory on a Saturday afternoon (which will of course necessitate a temporary name change from "Brekkies" to "Brunchies"). Such meetups will be announced from time to time or on demand and may involve boldly going to cinemas we haven't gone to before e.g. The Lighthouse in Smithfield

So grab yourself tea and a muffin, indulge in a popcorn breakfast or bring whatever other breakfasty delight you care to smuggle in (there’s no judgment here) and be a part of Dublin's one and only (eh...we think) Cinema Breakfast Club.

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