Extra Ordinary (& Q&A) at IFI, 6:20pm - Late Late Breakfast: Friday Night Movie

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The Cinema Breakfast Club
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Hi everyone,

I decided to close the voting early on this today at 2pm (see my comment from earlier today). I had given 6pm as the closing time of votes, but it seems a foregone conclusion that Extra Ordinary (with Q&A) is winning as this week’s choice.

I called the IFI just before lunchtime and there are c.75 seats left for the showing.

Please do book your seats as soon as you can as it is likely to sell out in advance.

Any questions, just post a comment or send me a Message.
Thanks everyone,


Hi everyone,
For this Late Late Breakfast Meetup, there are a few movies to choose from.

Please vote by posting your preferred movie in the Comments section by Wednesday, at 6pm, 11 September and I'll update the Meetup after with the final details.

Lighthouse Options:

Downton Abbey: https://youtu.be/TYnITeDfaA4
Time: Friday 13 September 2019 @ 18:20
Screen: Screen 1

Extra Ordinary: https://youtu.be/XZoSGESAXnU
Time: Friday 13 September 2019 @ 20:30
Screen: Screen 3

IFI Options:

Extra Ordinary (with Q&A): https://youtu.be/XZoSGESAXnU
Time: Friday 13 September 2019 @ 18:20
Screen: Cinema 1

Pain and Glory: https://youtu.be/slW5bh11JBc
Time: Friday 13 September 2019 @ 20:50
Screen: Cinema 2

Thanks everyone,


Hi everyone,

As the original date for this Meetup was 20 September, which is the night of Dublin's Culture Night 2019 this year, I am moving this Meetup to one week earlier - Friday, 13 September. It'll be lucky for us! ;)

If that means you can no longer go, please do update your RSVP. I hope the reschedule hasn't inconvenienced you, but you'll find no shortage of things to do on Culture Night: https://culturenight.ie/events/dublin/
Any questions, get in touch?

Thanks everyone,


Hi everyone!

This event falls on Culture Night 2019 this year. Take a look at the schedule: https://culturenight.ie/events/dublin/

We can either:
- Reschedule to the Friday night prior, 13 September, instead, or
- Book to attend a Culture Night event

As the 'no booking required' events tend to be very busy, and the 'booking required' events tend to be booked out very early, I think myself to reschedule.

I welcome your feedback though. Unfortunately, the event at Brooks Hotel, another Cinema Breakfast Club favourite venue, has an event, but it is sold out.

Thanks everyone, Sueanne

• What we'll do
We're going to run a 'Late Late' Breakfast event on a Friday night each month - try it out!
Just like our Cinema Breakfast Club Sunday morning meetups, we'll schedule this regularly and confirm the movie, the location, and the time when the movie schedules are published online.

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• Important to know
The location (which cinema), the movie and the time will be scheduled in the previous weekend, or whenever the schedules are published online.