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信義, 希望, 愛 (Love Exposure 2nd Show)

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This is going to be a hard sell. Not only is this epic (and I do mean epic in every sense of the word) nearly 4 hours long, it is also a very polarizing film. You can find people who are saying this is the greatest movie ever made and others saying that it is the worst. I don’t expect a lot of people to show up to this meet up, which is a shame because this is a movie that needs to be seen. Regardless with how you feel about this movie afterwards you are going to want to talk about it and then talk about it some more. This is a movie that jumps from genre to genre at a whim and will stir a wide range of emotions. I was laughing one minute then crying the next. This film made me feel warm, disgusted, sad, hopeful, and always compelled to know what was around every corner.

Release Date: January, 31st 2009

Aspect Ratio: 1.75:1

Running Time: 237 Minutes

Country: Japan

I know it is hard to talk anyone into seeing a 4 hour movie even if it’s a movie involving hobbits and dwarfs but the way Love Exposure is paced it could be an 8 hour movie and you wouldn’t notice or care. I actually watched it twice within a few days. The film starts off with Yu, a sweet kid who starts sinning as a last resort to relate and find acceptance from his father who is a priest. Being an emotionally damage child myself, who tried and failed for his father’s acceptance, I found this amusing (how Yu goes about sinning) and extremely sad.

I see this as an important film that is very much worth seeing if you are willing to give it a chance. I’m not going to promise that you will like it but I guarantee that you will want to talk about it after. Love Exposure is something that I am still turning over in my head weeks after seeing it.

(Max is actually mistaken. The film's running time is just under 4 hours)

Since this film is a decent length there will be an intermission. The Headquarters is in a decent area in the NE so there are many food options. I will be taking orders if any one would like any thing delivered.

This Showing will be a little more intimate than Boogie's since it will be held at the Headquarters and space is limited.

Since space is limited I appreciate some notice if possible if you have rsvp'd but are not able to attend the showing. It would allow others others to rsvp who might be able to attend.

A warning for anyone with bad allergies. We do have a few dogs and a cat residing here.

I look forward to seeing you there.