Past Meetup

Cinema at the Square: Singin' In the Rain (1952) / Cibréo Italian Kitchen


Who: Music Cleveland! & Cine Arts Cleveland!

What: Cinema on the Square/ Singin' In the Rain @ 8 p.m.

When: Saturday, August 23rd

Where: Connor Palace - Playhouse Square

Dinner: 5:30 p.m. at Cibréo Italian Kitchen, 1438 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, 216. 862. 9212 (directly across Euclid from theater)

DINNER @ 5:30, SHOW @ 8 p.m.

Tickets: We will be treated with free tickets from Cleveland Foundation tonight. Tickets will be distributed at dinner. If you are not attending dinner, please meet us at the restaurant no later than 7:15 p.m. The group will enter the theater at 7:30 p.m. Show up for tickets on time or you will miss the show.

We have a limited number of free tickets but you may order them directly on the Playhouse Square web site for this show and others in the program. (click here) (

We will be meeting at Cibréo Italian Kitchen at 5:30 p.m and a table will be reserved for Music Cleveland!

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About Sining' In the Rain:

1927 Hollywood. Monumental Pictures' biggest stars, glamorous on-screen couple Lina Lamont and Don Lockwood, are also an off-screen couple if the trade papers and gossip columns are to be believed. Both perpetuate the public perception if only to please their adoring fans and bring people into the movie theaters.

In reality, Don barely tolerates her, while Lina, despite thinking Don beneath her, simplemindedly believes what she sees on screen in order to bolster her own stardom and sense of self-importance. R.F. Simpson, Monumental's head, dismisses what he thinks is a flash in the pan: talking pictures. It isn't until The Jazz Singer ( (1927) becomes a bona fide hit which results in all the movie theaters installing sound equipment that R.F. knows Monumental, most specifically in the form of Don and Lina, have to jump on the talking picture bandwagon, despite no one at the studio knowing anything about the technology.

Musician Cosmo Brown, Don's best friend, gets hired as Monumental's ideas man and musical director. And by this time, Don has secretly started dating Kathy Selden, a chorus girl who is trying to make in big in pictures herself. Don and Kathy's relationship is despite their less than friendly initial meeting. Cosmo and Kathy help Don, who had worked his way up through the movie ranks to stardom, try make the leap to talking picture stardom, with Kathy following along the way. However, they have to overcome the technological issues. But the bigger problem is Lina, who will do anything to ensure she also makes the successful leap into talking pictures, despite her own inabilities and at anyone and everyone else's expense if they get in her way, especially Kathy as Don's off screen girlfriend and possibly his new talking picture leading lady.

Tickets are also available online at (Click here) (

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