What we're about

This group is dedicated to going to films of different genres--dramas, comedies, action, horror, and more--at the Ithaca Mall and Cinemapolis movie theater downtown. Our movie meetups are devoted to seeing a variety of types of films, whether mainstream Hollywood, independent and/or foreign films. and, for those who have time, discussing them afterwards.

People who truly enjoy films and want to meet others should join this group. It's also a good group for people who are committed to coming to the meetups they sign up for. If there is interest, we can also make plans to have a drink or a meal before or after the films. A diverse group is what we aim for.

More meetups will be announced as the year goes on, especially since Fall and Winter traditionally mark the beginning of highly anticipated releases after the summer blockbuster season.

Feel free to suggest movies and to bring guests. And if you join, please answer profile questions and add your photo (if you have one). Hope to see you at the movies!

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