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Hi, I’m Sikander, host of The Circle of BAD Friends. Strange name I hear you say – Yes, the BAD needs a little explanation I guess, so here goes!

This is a circle of Bring A Dish friends who get together once a month to taste a variety of traditional home cooked dishes in relaxed informal surroundings, building friendships whilst laughing, joking (and perhaps moaning about their problems and woes) over a starter, meal, dessert and coffee.

I love trying new food and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds – we all not only cook great food at home (which is much nicer than the restaurant food we pay through the nose for) but we all have such a unique wealth of experience, knowledge and background to share – and what better way than over a fantastic buffet meal - talk about great FREE food therapy!

Everyone is welcome – you only need to bring a minimum of one dish and just co-ordinate with me as to any allergies or any special food requirements you or anyone you bring with you may have. Please do not think you have to be a chef - if you would just like to meet some new people and make some new friends – you are very welcome to buy a dish if you don’t have the time or the inclination to cook!

Remember it’s not all about food! These days life is stressful and pretty confusing some times. Unhappiness or problems are something we all suffer from some time in life. The Circle gives us all a chance to relax and chat, forget about the worries of our life (or even talk about them if you want some friendly support!) discuss Life, the Universe and Everything and also find a few friends who are there to share a great meal but are also there to talk to in the bad times, when perhaps we desperately need both - food and friends!

If you enjoy meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds and would love to taste their home cooked food without going to the trouble of learning how to cook it yourself then this is a circle you definitely want to join!

Normally, once we get an idea of the number of BADies in the circle, we can decide on who would like to bring a starter, main course or dessert. We also then get an idea of how large each dish needs to be for most people to get to have a taste!

The first meeting of The Circle will be at my place in Hall Green, B28 on Sunday 4rth of December and I will be serving as a starter, fresh cream and jam scones with pink tea/coffee. For my main dish I will be making 2 types of traditional North Indian Paratha (a large Indian pancake) – one set filled with mildly spiced mince and the vegetarian option, filled with spiced potato served with Raita (a mint and yogurt dip/sauce). I Hope that sounds appealing to people with a taste for Indian food and look forward to meeting you and your favourite dish soon!


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