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LAKE TITIKAKA (Extension of 11-11 Program)
This event is organized by Jorge Luis Delgado and Kontiki Peru. For details please contact Rosario ROJAS at: Email: [masked] Phone (Peru): [masked] /[masked] LAKE TITIKAKA (Extension of 11-11 Program) November 17 to November 21, 2018 - TEMPLE OF WIRACOCHA (Logos Creator), which is located at the same distance as Machu Picchu but in the opposite direction. Ceremony. And following this energetic line, we pass by the pre-Inca city of Pucara. - SILLUSTANI Place of a remarkable telluric force, a small plateau from where it is possible to see lake Umayo and the mountains. In Sillustani we will work at the Temple of Fire, connection with Cosmic Spiral; we will visit the Chullpas (Burial Towers) which have the secret of rebirth. This cemetery-temple will be a witness of the ceremony of the Solar Disc imposition in each of us. With the hope that we remember that, to be children of the Sun, is to be clear, transparent, bright, warm, resplendent, shinning, and luminous. - UROS FLOATING ISLANDS - TAQUILE We will visit the unique and ancient indigenous civilization of the Uros people who live on reed floating islands. After the visit and from the deep part of our Hearts, we will do an offering ceremony to the Mama Qocha (Mother Water ) and to the Divine Mother, showing our gratitude for life. Then, we will take a reed boat to do a dreaming ceremony, laying down on the boat and dream the kind of life we want in the future based on the intent of our Hearts, the new life of a new YOU. After this wonderful experience, continue with our adventure going by the womb of the Mother Water, who is the birthplace of the Children of the Sun. We will arrive in the Taquile island, which is located in the middle of the lake Titikaka, in front of the Apu (Spirit of the mountain) Illampu and of the Royal Range. By the beach of this tranquil island, we will do a ceremony of gratitude for the received gifts and for allowing us to receive the Sun in our Hearts. - MOLLOCO AND ARAMU MURU DOORWAY We will have the opportunity to go to Molloko and being in touch with the womb of Mother Earth. We will use the power of the ancient temples and giving away our heavy energies (Hucha) to Mother Earth, since she will know what to do with them. Hucha, is the energy that sometimes we get in our lives and they do not come from love. This is not physically felt, but could provoke intense emotions which can affect us. So, we will perform a ceremony in the name of Mother Earth to get rid of them and to purify ourselves. After that, we will continue to Aramu Muru Doorway in Ajayu Marka, but the ancient name is Willka Uta, The house of the Sun or House of Divinity. We will walk on the Ceremonial Path starting from the drinking place of the Inca (where Inca drinks Light). In this place, we will do a Solar practice to activate our Inner Sun in connection with the Father Sun. We will activate our cells from our Inner Sun since our cells are small Suns and we can experience our body of Light. Hike by snake (inner world), by the puma (this world) until to arrive at the Condor (upper world) and from this place we will send the message to the Cosmos, listening the answer. We continue to the inter dimensional doorway of Lord Aramu Muru, then we can start to experience in the two columns of the gate, the Light, then the doorway of divinity in connection with our hearts which is the other doorway to our divinity.


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Jorge Luis Delgado is a prominent Peruvian shaman with knowledge about the Cosmic and Inka Laws. He reveals the true Cosmic Laws of Love, Service, and Wisdom as they passed down from Inca and his elders. In his services, he serves as our personal chacaruna (a bridge person who helps others to cross from one state of consciousness to another) to be in touch with our Consciousness. During his services, he also shares the Andean Legend of the Pachakuti, which means the Return to the Essence of the Cosmos.

This group is for those who are interested to seek and obtain the wisdom of the true Cosmic Laws, connect to our Consciousness, and practice them in our daily lives to enhance ourselves. As a member of our meetup group, we will share the work he does including where and when he conducts his workshops, presents his speeches, and guides to special sacred power places.

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