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What we’re about

Welcome to Circle of Ijtihad, a meetup where attendees from Islamic faith traditions can engage in reasoning dialogues about social, philosophical, and religious topics not only with each other but with attendees from Jewish, progressive and fundamentalist Christian, other religious, and secular/humanist/atheist philosophical traditions, to mutually practice "Ijtihad" -- or independent reasoning.

Like our sponsor, The Circle of Reason (the first society for pluralistic rationalism, or "plurationalism" -- commitment to reasoning, regardless of one's worldview), we seek through the simple method of ijtihad reflected in civil, reasoning dialogue, to practice factualism in place of denialism, skepticism in place of dogmatism, and moderationism in place of emotionalism -- regardless of our disparate worldviews!

Dialogue with us, to increase mutual understanding of our diverse religious, philosophical, or political worldviews, and to decrease misunderstanding, prejudice, insults, and hatred. Members of every religious and non-religious thought tradition, and every political, economic, cultural, ethnic, biological, and gender group are welcome in our reasoning dialogues. Join us today as an "ijtihadist" to put the "civil" back in our civilization!

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