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Do you wish to be part of a beautiful community of like-minded souls on a personal journey of transformation? Come join us, shine your light as we focus on finding stillness, calm, self-healing, joy and self-empowerment from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective.

Whilst developing our meditation practice we benefit from bathing in the channelled energy transmission (or Reiki) during the guided meditations. The energy or 'current' is amplified in our group setting and most people report incredible altered states of consciousness (similar to being alert during that first stage of sleep, as your brain waves change - the hypnagogic state). This supports your meditation practice, allowing you to find that bliss which keeps you practising!

Perhaps experience a powerful connection to your Higher Self, a higher wisdom, unconditional love and the realms of All That Is, for a journey of spiritual awakening and healing.


About Rachel & Circle of Light U.S.

Rachel has been practising meditation for 17 years. She is a meditation instructor, a Reiki Master and a speech and language pathologist by profession. A gifted healer/channel, she has trained in various holistic modalities that empower self-healing.

Although she spent 15 years specialising in neurology with acquired brain injury and stroke, in various London hospitals, her interest now lies in the neuroscience behind the benefits of meditation, having witnessed dramatic results using guided imagery with her patients.

Her groups are peaceful, relaxing and blissful, offering a chance to understand the management of a busy mind. Rachel is successful in creating lasting change by providing techniques to calm reactive behaviour, regulate emotion and find one’s joy! Her focus allows the greatest and best self to emerge. For more info: www.CircleOfLight.us (http://www.circleoflight.us/)

Group Meditation

Following a spiritual path, especially if you have recently 'awakened' has the potential to present interesting challenges. Choosing to advance with self-healing usually means working through your life lessons. Being part of a community not only provides support but it can accelerate your spiritual development as you relate or reflect with like-minded souls.

By coming to Circle of Light you are instrumental in creating a group energy. Your commitment to sharing and healing through meditation and energy work not only impacts on you but on those around you and our beautiful planet. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your journey!


What to expect at the upcoming Meetups

We provide a beautiful, calm space, ideal for meditation and for finding stillness and joy - or whatever you need right at that moment. We allow our higher selves and the higher realms, with their unconditional love, to work with us.

I will say no more, you need to experience it for yourself! I have some testimonials here: http://circleoflight.us/testimonials/

You do not need to have any prior knowledge of meditation and will be guided throughout the experience. All faiths/paths are welcome.

You always receive exactly what you need for your soul growth at the perfect time. You are never given more than you can handle - despite the fact it does not always feel that way! Love is the key to all existence. Love is also the key to healing all dis-ease.

Blessings on your journey!

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