• Bridget Engels presents: Women's Goddess Erzulie- Embrace your Passions Ritual

    Goddess Erzulie is the Voodoo Mistress of: Passion, Abundance, Creativity, Sensuality, Beauty & Love. Just like the flowers that bloom in the merry month of May; we will open and bloom with Her sacred energy to enhance our own Passion, Creativity & Love! We will be dancing, chanting, drumming/rattling, sitting in meditation, and weaving a sacred passion knot spell with yarn/tokens. Active participation is required. *Please bring 9 strands of multi-colored yarn for our passion knot spell & a tiny bell to weave in.* Extra yarn and bells will be provided but these should be personal to be woven into your own spell for potency! Cost $25 (cash only) Please Wear bright colors scarves, headdresses , flowing clothing Erzulie will love it! (no jeans&sweatshirts please) *Tickets & Info to PreRegister. Pay cash the day of the event ($25 cash). Space is limited! http://www.crescentmoongifts.com

  • Women's June Moon & Goddess Arianrhod - Outdoors at night

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    Circle of Luna meets outdoors under the stars to celebrate the beginning of Summer Solstice and Arianrhod the Celtic Welsh Star & Moon Goddess of Reincarnation, is known as “Silver Wheel”, “Silver Circle”, “High Fruitful Mother”, “Star Goddess”, and Sky Goddess. She is a primal figure of feminine power, a Celestial Mother Goddess who through her role as Goddess of Reincarnation, rules fertility and childbirth. What do we women want to manifest and birth these Summer months. We meet outdoors at night under the Stars and Luna's guidance. Drumming, chanting , raining energy , sitting standing Active participation is required. Cost: $20 RSVP via email: [masked] at least 2 weeks prior. Wear white flowing costume/outfits and prepare to dance under the Moon!

  • Women's Full Moon & Goddess Maeve Ritual

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    Moon Priestess/Author Bridget Engels presents: A Women's Full Moon & Goddess Maeve Ritual- July 13, 2019 - 8-9:30pm OUTDOORS We will honor and invoke the warrior Goddess & Queen Maeve who reminds us of our warrior power as well as to to always honor our cycles (womb, energetic, emotional) in whatever life phase or battle we are in! We will draw in the strong magic of the July Full Moon & celebrate Sacred Sisterhood to weave our warrior spirit strong. Please bring a Witches staff/stave or special walking stick as we will be doing a warrior dance! Bring a drum and/or rattle. Color and clothing should be Red and warrior inspired. (Be creative) Bring a small symbol of strength of your intentions for the altar. Cost $20 (cash only the night of event) *Reserve tickets through Crescent Moon Gifts www.crescentmoongifts.com