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Come and join one of our beautiful events of unconditional love and experience the connection to the higher realms for a journey of spiritual awakening and healing.

We are here to host;
* Energy Transmissions
* Focused Intention Meditations and Breathwork
* Workshops, Courses and Retreats

We are all about creating a beautiful community of heart centred souls who are on a personal journey of transformation and want to connect with other like minded beings. 

Our mission is unity consciousness and moving towards the higher vibrations. We work on the mind, body, soul and spiritual connection.

Through this time on earth as we move from one paradigm to another, self healing is so important and having the tools to navigate through the waves of change that are coming. We are here to support your transition.

When we commit to healing ourselves through energy work, we are also healing the planet. By raising our vibration, we are also raising the vibration of the planet. It all starts with us. We are never alone on this journey. There is so much support all around us when we seek and we would be honoured to support you on your personal journey when you feel the call. This community is for all, those of you who are just starting your journey of awakening, to light workers who want to tap into their soul gifts and adapt to the 5D hologram. We welcome you.

The journey begins with you, the magic starts when you say YES to life.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our magical events. 
Love and blessings. 
Neelam xxxxx
About Neelam - Quantum Alchemist , Intuitive Healer and Channel, Group Facilitator and Mentor, Energy and EFT Practitioner, Founder of Circle of Light


Neelam is a Quantum Master Alchemist, Healer and Channel, with a unique gift of transporting you into other worlds and dimensions through her meditations and energy transmissions of divine love. She has dedicated her life to being a vessel of unconditional love and divine light assisting humanity in their awakening journey.

She has brought healing and transformation and greater perspective to the hearts and souls of thousands around the world with her ability to see clearly into the cellular memories, DNA, and the Quantum Field thus enabling her to get to the heart of dis-ease, dis-harmony and the core underlying issues.

Neelam has a rare gift of not only being able to channel many beings from the cosmos, but she can see into your soul and your possible timelines, clearing your field of imbalance, stuck energy and trauma whilst holding you in a container of unconditional love. This allows the soul to fully open, release, and feel deeply seen, held and loved. Here one can heal at the deepest level.

"The energy I bring through in all of my work is the rainbow energy. A very beautiful and transformational energy of unconditional love. I have many missions here on Earth. I have come to anchor in the New Consciousness - The highest vibration and energy of unconditional love, joy, abundance, balance, inner peace and freedom - The Energy of Celebration.

We are here to heal, transform, raise vibration and direct humanity into the higher frequencies of love and compassion and 5th dimensional reality of Unity Consciousness.

Using Alchemy, creating vortexes, intention, water programming, using sound and voice resonance, light activations and my gift of 'seeing' into the cellular memories and the belief systems held, I transmute and transform the energy within the body, bringing through the vibration of compassion, unconditional love and grace, which then creates balance, peace and flow within the mind, body and spirit.

I work with an array of incredible and beautiful Higher Beings from many other dimensions....many Star Collectives, Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and very powerful Divine Feminine Energies....Mother Gaia, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, Goddess Saraswati, Ma Kali ... and many more. We are a team to help humanity shift and evolve to a higher vibration of love, unity and peace.

My mission in this lifetime is to touch as many hearts as I can with love and compassion and help individuals let go of their self limiting beliefs and embrace their gifts and true potential.
I believe every human being has a unique gift that they bring to this world. It just needs to be uncovered and awakened. I believe in empowering souls by showing individuals the beauty and truth of their being.

Love is the most powerful healer of all, love unites, love heals, and love is our ultimate truth.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we come to experience life on this planet through emotions (energy-in-motion).

Once we understand the patterns of our life that have kept us stuck and the emotions we came to experience we can let them go and start to flow with life again.

When we raise our vibration and frequency through healing and release work, we attract better circumstances, experiences and people into our lives".

More information and testimonials on Neelam;


About Alexandra Stavrou
Alex has actively been on a spiritual path for over 15 years and understands the benefits of a holistic and balanced approach to spiritual growth. Alex is passionate about Health, Nutritional, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, she supports individuals and companies as a Wellness coach.


Upcoming events (2)

Journey Into Your Heart - Open to Love and Abundance

Needs a location

Register here :

Journey into Your Heart - Open to Love and Abundance

Date : Friday 27th - Saturday 28th May
Time: 5pm - 8:30pm BST, 9am - 12:30pm PST, 12pm - 3:30pm EST

This month, Spirit has asked me to hold this space for souls to clear and purge anything that is coming up in the heart space. We will journey into the heart to heal, awaken, expand and open to more miracles and beauty in our lives.

The heart is a portal to the divine, a gateway to the cosmos, to unconditional love, abundance, fulfilment, joy and flow. The heart opens up to so much, but over lifetimes we build up protective armour around our heart to avoid getting hurt again. Memories of heartache, betrayal, rejection, abandonment and loss often lead to imbalanced relationships, imbalance in giving and receiving, and mistrust in opening our hearts to experience deep fulfilling love.

We will journey into our heart to explore and get to know ourselves deeper. De armouring is a powerful process of being vulnerable, exploring and understanding what we hold in our sacred heart and why. As we let go, we allow intimate reconnection with ourselves and our heart, and we open the doors to unconditional love.

What We Will Explore Together:
Process of De-armouring the Heart
Practise of Self Love and Tools & Rituals for Self Love and Self Care
Love in Relationships
(lessons, gaining perspective, releasing the old and building trust, healthy boundaries and balance)

As we observe our wounds and patterns, we have the opportunity to open our hearts to new expansion and growth, we can let go of the old program that has limited our experience of love and observe our defence mechanisms. We can create healthy boundaries and surrender deeper into the flow of our sacred heart and soul journey.
Moving towards unconditional love begins with us loving all parts of ourselves including our past and what it taught us. Intimacy starts with the self and then it radiates out to all around us.

As always the workshops are assisted by higher beings, ascended masters, angelic guides and we work with the group energy coming together. These are intimate group sessions with lots of group exercises and sharing.

We look forward to the magic that will unfold for you, ready for new creations in your life.


> “Neelam is so connected that you can feel the power of her healing beyond time and space. Her voice, sounds and channeling has truly healed my heart. Thank you


> “Neelam is a pure divine conduit of the highest divine light. I feel and see her light very clearly. It is crystal clear, divine and pure love ... a rare and beautiful soul walking amongst us. I feel so grateful and blessed to receive from her.

> “Working with Neelam has been incredible. I have cleared more emotional baggage in just a few sessions with her than I have in my entire lifetime of receiving counselling and therapy. She is the real deal and I have experienced so much expansion in her presence. Deeply grateful. Sue xxxx

Angelic Attunement Practitioner Level 1 & 2

Needs a location

Registration Link :

Angelic Attunement Practitioner Level 1 & 2

Dates: Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th June 2022
Times: 5pm - 8:30pm BST, 9am PST - 12:30pm PST, 12pm - 3pm EST


We are now running the Angelic Attunement as souls are finding their way to the attunement. I truly believe all is guided by the angels... and if it feels aligned, we will run it. So YES we are holding this space for all our beautiful healers who are feeling so called at this time.

** Payment options are available if you wish to attend.

In 2019 Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron came in meditation and asked me to upgrade it to 5D level. I sat on it for a long while, and finally in January 2022 I held the course and the energies blew us away. Even Thich Nhat Hanh popped in to bless us as he transitioned.

Angelic Reiki was the doorway to a powerful journey for me. Like a cosmic doorway that opened, and everything became so clear and so visual. My connection to the angels went to a whole other level, as well as other galactic and cosmic beings. Your cells will be attuned to 100% pure love and light frequencies.

It was mind blowing for the participants on our last course. Stunning experience.

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