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This event will be facilitated by Enrique Fernandez, Ksenia Belash and Ranjit Krishnamma.

Enrique is the co-founder of Circling Evolution, he leads different types of events based around human connection and also practices as an Integral coach.

Ranjit has almost 30 years experience of personal development as a large group facilitator, trainer of facilitators and creator of unique experiential workshops.

Circling, also referred to as interpersonal mindfulness, is a relatively new practice where we put our awareness and attention on what is happening in the here and now, without an agenda or judgement. This allows individuals to deepen their connection with themselves and others. Through gentle awareness exercises you can activate and trust your experience and emotions, circling then enables you to express them in a healthy safe space.
The practices are based in bringing our attention to our bodies and to the present moment. We may explore feelings and thoughts, but always in relation to how you feel in the present moment.
Deeper and stronger connections are formed through trust, empathy and ownership of your feelings to create a sense of community.
Circling is not a form of therapy but many find it provides personal growth and empowerment.
It is underpinned by these five principles:

1-Commitment to connection.

2-Owning your experience.

3-Trust in your embodied experience.

4-Staying with the level of sensation.

5-Being with the other in their world.

Why do we do it?

Circling not only gives you the tools to notice self-patterns but it also encourages you to express them in a healthy constructive manner. Through bringing your attention to your shaded spots in your life, you will challenge yourself to live more authentically.
Circling enables you to form deeper and healthier connections with people around you, both in your personal life and your working environment.

Who is it for?

Absolutely everyone can benefit from circling, no previous experience is necessary, just a desire to connect and a willingness to be vulnerable. Friendships, families and couples are benefited as relationships are deepened through voicing and owning ones feelings. Would you like to have more new connections, would you like to deepen further your current relationships? Then circling is for you.

What do we actually do?

We usually start with some pair exercises, to break the ice and to bring people to a space of more connectedness with themselves. We practice certain sentence stems, and we may do some guided meditations.
In between exercises we come back to sitting or standing in a circle, where people can share further or ask questions, sharing is not compulsory, people can speak as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.
Once people are at ease with the pair exercises, we move on to groups of three or more, where two people or more may have their attention on one person, with the intention of finding out what is it like to be that person, without judgement or agenda.
It is an experiential practice, and therefore any attempts to put it into words risk falling short, I'd be happy to answer questions by email or skype. Please contact me on Enrique@circling-evolution.com.


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