What we're about

Circling is the art of presence and co-discovering our deepest selves in community with each other “in the moment”.

It’s a practice that allows you to enliven, deepen and richen conversations into experiences of profound empathy and insight.

It’s a practice that naturally has you building skills in connecting, communication, conflict resolution and understanding others.

It’s a practice that supports the development of genuine curiosity and appreciation for yourself and others.

What it looks like is a group of people in a circle with their open, curious attention on one individual “getting circled”. Their intention is to “be with” and “understand” what’s happening for this individual moment by moment as “whatever is happening arises”.

The results, in my experience, are profound visceral connection and a quality of conversation that has people moved, inspired and nourished. In my experience, it also results in a much greater awareness of oneself and others.

This is a meetup group for those interested in developing skills around or experiencing any of what they read above.

Members can expect to learn the basics of Circling and to participate in two circles every meet up.

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