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“Instead of today’s take–make–dispose linear model of production, the circular economy is restorative by design—using and reusing natural capital as efficiently as possible and finding value throughout the life cycles of finished products.” – McKinsey&Co, 2016

The ‘circular economy’ is a buzzword across many industry and government initiatives at the moment, it is estimated by 2030 it will have an economic global worth of $4.5 trillion! Using circular principles in your business, community or professional practice has the potential to create economic value and social value. But what exactly is it? And what does it look like in practice? This group is for anyone with an interest in the circular economy or circular principles. We welcome people from all industries, disciplines, professions and backgrounds to come along and learn about the circular economy and engage in discussion and networking.

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The Pursuit of Purpose within the Circular Economy

River City Labs, Startup Precinct

Welcome to our May Circular Economy Meetup event! This month we want to present you with some people who are absolutely full of purpose and turning that purpose into action when it comes to social impact. Our first speaker is Sabrina Chakori, founder of Brisbane Tool Library, TED speaker, author, researcher and Sharing Economy revolutionist! Sabrina has been invested in creating economic and social change for environmental good for well over a decade. Our second speaker is Michael Ryan, Director of Strategic Finance at Brisbane-based growth consultancy Ingredior. Michael is a passionate advocate for sustainability. As an experienced director and investor he will be sharing his advice on social impact investment and how to scale your business/side-hustle/project into a social enterprise to make impact and fulfil your purpose! The Circular Economy is a massive space, it is what we are all working towards, but where does our individual purpose lie within it? This month we are thinking deeply about purpose and impact on individual, community and global levels. Please join us to hear from some incredible speakers about their own purpose-filled journeys and let's have some awesome discussion about how we activate and execute on that purpose to create impact! Speakers & Bios: SABRINA CHAKORI FOUNDER, BRISBANE TOOL LIBRARY After completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters of Science in Environmental Economics, Sabrina started an interdisciplinary PhD research looking into zero-packaging food systems. Sabrina has been active in politics and in many NGOs. For more than a decade, she has been advocating for a more sustainable society in Europe, Australia, Kenya, Mexico and Ecuador. Her experience includes working in international arenas (United Nations), as well as with indigenous communities in the Amazon. In QLD, she collaborated with the Environment Minister to introduce the law to ban single use plastic bags. In 2017, Sabrina founded the Brisbane Tool Library, a social enterprise that is based on a circular economy and aims to reduce household consumption. Her book chapter, in ‘Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy’, and her paper, "The Necessity to Change the Term Consumer" both focus on the necessity to rethink our consumption addiction. Sabrina is convinced that to solve the current social and ecological crises we need to change the roots of our economy. MICHAEL RYAN DIRECTOR, INGREDIOR AUSTRALIA Michael is an experienced investor, director and executive of businesses across a range of industries, having been involved in business of various sizes and stages of their lifecycle. Prior to this he spent several years working in financial and commercial roles at Bowen Central Coal Management, DownerEDI Mining, and UGL. This experience allowed him to gain an understanding of key strategic, commercial and operational issues from various perspectives. From this experience Michael has developed an extensive network of contacts in Australia and overseas. In addition to formal qualifications, he has a number of years of experience business strategy, negotiations, M&A transactions, investment funding solutions, leadership, business valuations and other useful management skills YAS GRIGALIUNAS (EVENT HOST) CEO - WORLD'S BIGGEST GARAGE SALE Yas is a passionate advocate for the circular economy. Her work at WBGS focuses on activating circular principles within the community and industry around recycle, reuse and repurpose. As usual we will have snacks, nibbles and drinks available for guests. All beer served is provided by our good friends and social enterprise The Good Beer Co. Event night info: Doors open 5pm Presentations 6pm - 7:30pm Networking and mixer 7:30pm-8pm Proudly presented by World's Biggest Garage Sale, in partnership with River City Labs, The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, & Advance Queensland

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Cradle to Cradle: The Circular Economy Revolution

River City Labs, Startup Precinct

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