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This Meetup is focused on programmability, automation, Infrastructure as Code using both Open Source tools and vendor-specific solutions. All skill levels are welcome. We will cover many topics aligned with the DevNet certifications and provide hands-on lab opportunities.

Guest speakers are encouraged to complement the discussions. If you have a passion for a subject or technology, please contact the organizers with available dates and times, a title, and an abstract.

Many of the speakers are from World Wide Technology wwt.com (https://wwt.com/) who is sponsoring this Meetup. Meeting recordings and presentations are published on the WWT Programmability and Automation Meetup Group Community (https://www.wwt.com/community/programmability-and-automation-meetup-group) page.

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Pycrypt: developing a password management utility

Online event

For many years I’ve used a Windows-based password management utility. After converting to macOS (the impetus was also password-related), I needed a solution that would run on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

While there are cloud-based and integrated password managers, I wanted a command-line utility to encrypt passwords using a simple file structure.

In this session, we first overview basic cryptographic concepts, then examine the use of Fernet, a component of the Python cryptography library, which provides a system for symmetric encryption/decryption of passwords stored in YAML files.

Who should attend? If you need to encrypt and decrypt some data using Python, this session shows how to symmetrically encrypt data in Python using the Fernet (AES) encryption.

Photo by AltumCode on Unsplash

Traffic Jam – The Utility Lab Router

Online event

Ever mocking up a lab environment and you just need a router that doesn’t require a license or a lot of time to setup? At WWT our tool of choice is Traffic Jam! The idea of Traffic Jam was originally conceived back in 2015 (by Bill Thompson) as SD-WAN was heating up and customers were coming to WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to perform evaluations of SD-WAN. We needed a tool that we could quickly spin up that could act as the service provider to the SD-WAN devices and also perform impairments on the WAN links.

It's been six years since that original idea and Traffic Jam is still going strong! Over that period Traffic Jam has gone through many transformations and looks quite different from when it originally hit the scene (it’s actually getting ready to go through another transformation!). You can find it in labs on WWT’s platform as well as custom environments running in the ATC. Odds are, if you’ve interacted with a lab on the platform or performed a POC within the ATC then Traffic Jam has been there, running in the background.

In this session, Brian Saunders, the lead developer of Traffic Jam will talk about the idea of Traffic Jam, some of the components that make it run, and how it’s used within WWT’s lab environments. Check it out if you’re interested in linux, networking, frrouting, python, or javascript.

Photo by Iwona Castiello d'Antonio on Unsplash

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Nautobot as an App Platform

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