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Cloud Security Challenges
In this meetup we are going to take you into the future of the cloud and serverless and focuses on Security challenges in this new domain. How can you onboard to micro services and embraces serverless architecture without compromise your company or customers security. Agenda: 17:30 - Gathering 18:00 - Cloud security for startups 18:20 - Microservices and Serverless for MegaStartups 18:40 - The Only Constant is Change / An overview of Serverless Security Talks: From CSA: Speaker: Moshe Ferber, Chairman, CSA Israel Title: Cloud security for startups Abstract: Cloud computing perform amazing things for startups, providing young companies with access to enterprise grade infrastructure . But also act as a double edge sword. Lack of proper security controls can lead to multiple challenges varying from longer sales cycles to losing customers & investors trust. Link to the guidelines: From AWS: Speaker: Boaz Ziniman, Technical Evangelist, AWS Title: Microservices and Serverless for MegaStartups Abstract: Microservices and Serverless computing allow you to build and run simpler and more efficient applications, while improving your agility and saving a lot of money. The ability to deploy your applications without the need for provisioning or managing servers opens for startups new opportunities to build web, mobile, and IoT backends; From PureSec: Speaker: Ory Segal, CTO, PureSec Title: The Only Constant is Change / An overview of Serverless Security Abstract: Serverless architectures enable organizations to build and deploy software and services without having to maintain or provision any physical or virtual servers. In this talk, we will present an overview of serverless architectures, the paradox of securing serverless applications, and a new list of serverless top 10 most common security concerns that developers and architects should consider when designing and developing such applications. About Moshe: Moshe Ferber is a recognized industry expert, popular public speaker and a notable figures in the Israeli innovation community, with over 20 years’ experience at various positions. Currently Ferber promoting responsible cloud adoption by developing the next generation of cloud security tools and best practices for the community. About Boaz: Boaz Ziniman is a Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. He helps to increase awareness of AWS cloud services and to help AWS customers understand the benefits that taking advantage of the cloud can deliver. Boaz has many years of experience with web development & operations, architecture, IT management and cloud. Prior to joining AWS, Boaz worked with a variety of leading Israeli startups, managing development and operations teams, and leading cloud adoption and partnerships with major cloud vendors. About Ory: Ory Segal, a world-renowned expert in application security, with 20 years of experience in the field. Ory is the CTO and co-founder of PureSec, a start-up that enables organizations to build and maintain secure and reliable serverless applications. Prior to PureSec, Ory was Sr. Director of Threat Research at Akamai, were he led a team of top web security & big data researchers. Prior to Akamai, Ory worked at IBM as the Security Products Architect and Product Manager for the market leading application security solution IBM Security AppScan. Ory authored 20 patents in the field of application security, static analysis, dynamic analysis, threat reputation systems, etc. Ory is serving as an officer of the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC), he is a member of the W3C WebAppSec working group, and was an OWASP Israel board member

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