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A monthly get-together for London-based earthlings to build friends and share each other's passion for cinema and experiences of autism and neurodivergence.

Each month, all things film, autism and film and autism are discussed in welcoming, accessible and autism-friendly venues across Central London in person, and also online via virtual chatroom and synchronised video playing platforms.

Naturally, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn from one another about our individual experiences of autism, with these meetups also functioning as an opportunity for Autistic adults to hang out and socialise with others on the spectrum.

Issues relating to anxiety and sensory concerns will be taken into account, especially given that we experience them too – the meet-ups will endeavour to take place in rooms with ambient low lighting and muted sound levels.

People who attend do not have to have a formal diagnosis, they may have self-diagnosed or simply suspect themselves of being Autistic.

Members & Attendance Guidelines

We encourage those on the spectrum with a love of the Silver Screen (formal diagnosis not required) to join. Our meetups offer a friendly, non-judgmental environment for people on the spectrum. If you would like to take a friend, partner or facilitator as +1 we are open to that so long as they respect and support the aims of the group.

For more detailed queries, please email to the dedicated Autism Film Club account: citizenautistic1941@gmail.com

Alternatively, please feel free to also message myself (Benjamin) or my co-organiser Marek via the direct message function on the Meetup platform.

How the club was founded and past events:

Pre March 2020, Citizen Autistic events were proudly hosted within the quiet, cosy environment of the cafe/bar area in Deptford Cinema, an award-winning not-for-profit community cinema, with one of the main highlights being a screening of the film FROSTED GLASS, written by the autistic performance poet Anthony Fairweather, in December 2019.

However, mainly in response to the pandemic and cinema venues being forced to close their doors across the UK, the film club moved almost entirely into the virtual realm with films streamed and discussed on online chatrooms and synchronised video streaming platforms (such as Watch2Gether platform and viewings of FRANK and SIMPLE SIMON, among others).

More recently in summer 2020 and beyond, it slowly became feasible once more to meet with fellow fleshy humanoids in all their three-dimensional glory. Several screenings since taken place, including exclusive, club member only screenings of THE REASON I JUMP documentary hosted at Greenwich and Hackney Picturehouse respectively in July.

There have also been several cinema outings to the BFI Southbank to Relaxed screenings of autism related documentaries THE HORSE BOY and SEEING THE UNSEEN, and New York set drama STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS. These films formed a three-film mini series I curated in close consultation with the BFI (also offering advice on accessibility issues such as light levels, sound levels etc.) that were informed by ideas and conversations to emerge from THE REASON I JUMP.


Benjamin, Citizen Autistic founder

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