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Sculptorade: 3rd playshop Exploring borders through Art!

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Please note that participation in Cloodling and/or Sensosketch is a requirement for attending this playshop.

"Finding and developing our creative strengths is an essential part of becoming who we really are. We don't know who we can be until we know what we can do." - Sir Ken Robinson

There are multiple ways of interacting with ourselves and exploring who we are. Artistic expression is one way of channelling thoughts and feelings in an experiential and visual way. It is also a way to challenge our state of mind and conceptions of the world.

If you enjoy drawing, painting, collaging or would like to just engage in a challenging experience of retrospective and symbiotic reflection then join us for our third of four artistic playshops: sculptorade!

In this 2-2.5hr playshop we'll begin with a quick round of introductions and reflections on the past playshop; we'll then take one hour to create a piece of work (or as many as you want). These will be mostly tactile, inanimate objects or representational figures, which we will make from several media (see below); We will then pin up our work and take a round at observing, touching and actively reflecting on our reaction(s) to the different works in silence. The retrospective and symbiotic reflection will open the floor to our conversations and exercise of self-exploration of how, specifically with relation to experiential memory.

The playshops:

1) Cloodle: exploring and challenging how our sense of identity is active in the way we perceive ourselves and conceive the world

2) Sensosketch: exploring and challenging how our senses influence observation of the world around us

3) Sculptorade: exploring and challenging how our memory functions describing and choosing our experiences

4) Juxtallage: putting it all together to uncover a new 'grammar' of artistic expression to tell the story of how we relate to the world

What to bring:

An open mind and thirst for artistic expression; bring a sock and materials you would like to experiment with. There will be some provided. In this session we will use textured materials such as pasta, foil, wool, fabric, paper... get creative!


May 17, 19:00 - 21:30


Room Chadwick G01, University College London, entrance via Gower St [google map (,-0.134221&ll=51.524437,-0.134349&spn=0.001622,0.003532&t=m&z=19)]