People's Vote March 23rd June 12:00 (noon) - Green Park Station

Citizens without Borders
Citizens without Borders
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Green Park Tube Station


How to find us

Assembly from 12:00 - march starts at 12:40

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Join a people's march for a people's vote on March 23rd
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The group will be meeting at Pall Mall from 12.00pm. The march will follow the route below and finish in Parliament Square, where special guest speakers will address the crowd.

Who is supporting the march?
The March for a People's Vote is being supported by organisations including Open Britain, the European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Our Future our Choice, For our Future's Sake, Healthier In, Scientists for EU, Trade Deal Watch, Wales for Europe, In Facts and others.

What are we marching for?
A People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal!

Why are we marching for a People’s Vote?
New facts have come to light about the costs and complexity of Brexit that no one could have known at the time of the referendum.

Promises made by politicians about Brexit, like more money for our NHS, are not going to be kept.

The Brexit process is a complete mess and the negotiations are going badly, which makes it more likely that we will get a bad deal.

The Westminster elite is making a mess of it.

How can I support it?
1) Join the march below!

2) Donate to the crowdfunder

3) Share the event on Twitter and Facebook

4) Become a People's Vote March Volunteer

When are we marching?
Saturday 23rd June, 2018.

How do I get there?
Many local groups from across the country are organising coaches down to London for the March. Follow this link for details on where and when these coaches depart and full transport details for the march:

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