• Future of Testing & Quality in Agile Teams
    NOTE: THIS IS BEING HOSTED IN ANAHEIM. WE'RE COLLABORATING WITH AGILE SOCAL MEETUP FROM ORANGE COUNTY. Future of Testing & Quality in Agile Teams There are a number of changes happening around Quality and Testing in Agile teams: We have less testers in our teams (if at all!) Even when we have testers, we have reduced the number of tests we run to less than a fraction what we used to test We are releasing faster and to more people in parallel than before, etc And still we need to make sure we do not affect Quality or Customer Happiness, as today it is easier than ever to move from one solution to another. How can you eat your cake and keep it full at the same time? Well, there are ways and we will review them in this session by understanding how Testing and Quality is evolving as we modify the way we are working in our teams and with our products. Bio Joel Montvelisky is a Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest. He has been in testing and QA since 1997, working as a tester, QA Manager and Director, and a Consultant for companies in Israel, the US and Europe. In addition to this Joel is also a blogger with the QA Intelligence Blog, and is constantly imparting webinars on a number of testing and Quality Related topics. In addition to this, Joel is also founder and Chair of the OnlineTestConf, the first 100% online testing conference, taking place twice a year and freely available to all testers worldwide. And he is also the co-founder of the State of Testing survey and report, the longest lasting worldwide testing survey aimed at providing an understanding of the current status and trends of the global testing community. Joel is also a conference speaker, presenting in various conferences and forums world wide, among them the Star Conferences, CAST, QA&Test, and more.

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