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This is a group for people of all ages and abilities who want to use a map and compass to explore new areas and for people who want to compete in true cross country events. Orienteering is a map and compass sport that can be approached as a casual activity or as serious competition. The City of Trees Orienteering Club (CTOC) conducts a meet almost every month of the year in venues as familiar as city parks and as rugged as the Sawtooths. We offer instruction and easy events for novices and opportunities for international competition for advanced orienteers.

More information, links to training videos, and reports from previous meets are available at http://ctoc-boise.blogspot.com/ .

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Prison Break and Smell the Flowers

Old Idaho Penitentiary Site



Due to the location of this event if there is rain we may cancel due to trail protocol. Updates will be posted on Meetup as we get closer.

We are also asking participants to stay on trail as much as possible and the courses have been designed to give you options to do so.

Our usual set of courses are being offered:
Beginner (1.4km)
Sport (3km)
Intermediate (4.5km)
Advanced (5.9km)

RSVP by Thursday, April 15 in the comments section below with your choice of COURSE MAP, # of maps requested and TIMING METHOD. If you do not RSVP, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a map/e-punch will be available as all maps are pre-printed and e-punches pre-assigned. If we do have extra maps/e-punches the day of the meet, we will only be able to register you AFTER all pre-registered participants are on the course.

We will use the SportIdent e-punching system, indicate in your RSVP:
A.) you wish to rent a device (cost is $2.00)
B.) list your personal SI ID #, or
C.) the “no e-punching honor system"

You may check-in and start your course anytime between 10 am - noon, with the course closing at 2 pm. The course will remain open for 2 hours after the last orienteer starts.

Any time of the year is a good time to join/re-join the City of Trees Orienteering Club as member and participate in all local meets for FREE! Annual memberships for the calendar year are prorated. See membership info at:

If you are not a member, you must bring a signed waiver (If under 21, a waiver signed by your parent or guardian). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V6C_K2ZxCO3uxxPAQrExbFhyzQZD-6uG/view?usp=sharing

To help us keep things running smoothly at the start, we highly encourage pre-payment or mobile day of payment via Paypal to [masked]

Single Day Fees:
Single Day Adult: $10/person or team*, FREE for CTOC members
Single Day Junior (up to 20 years old): $5/person or team*, FREE for CTOC members

*Please let us know how many maps you’d like for your team in your RSVP. Additional maps are $1.00.


1.) Waivers: Please have these prepared in advance, unless you are already a CTOC member. You can download a waiver from the link above. If you are bringing a minor who is not your own child, you MUST bring a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
2.) Compass: Rentals available for $1.00.
3.) SportIdent chip: Rentals available for $2.00.
4.) Outdoor clothing appropriate for the day’s weather
5.) Water/snacks - We WILL NOT be able to provide water or snacks at the meet start/finish due to COVID-19.
6.) Cell phone (if needed).

18th Annual Rabbit Creek Meet & (Socially-Distanced) Potluck

Rabbit Creek Road

Please RSVP by Thursday April 29th with name and course choice to ensure you will have a map.

2021 marks the 18th year the CTOC will compete at this venue, a scenic, fun and challenging event. The views during the meet are expected to be spectacular this year! May is a great time for orienteering in the Owyhee Mountains. For most years, sunny weather, yet mild temperatures in the low 70’s / high 60’s are ideal for a exciting competition. Rabbit Creek offers very scenic views: wide open and full of unique rock formations in rugged western ranchland. Local animals include raptors and occasional sightings of wild horses.

Sturdy shoes are a must; we also recommend gaiters to best navigate through the terrain. Some slopes are steep and unstable on the advanced course. A compass is useful for setting and following bearings.

(Socially-Distanced) Potluck!
As Rabbit Creek tradition, we'll enjoy a bring-your-own-everything potluck after the course. The lawns around the ranch house provide an excellent relaxing, socially-distanced location; of course, there won't be any shared food, so bring your own lunch. Also, you'll have a great view of the exciting finishes for all three courses!


Starts from 9:30AM to 11:00AM. Course closes at 1:30PM.

Meet Location:
- After crossing the Snake River on Hwy 45 at Walter's Ferry, continue south on Hwy 78 towards Murphy.
- Immediately after passing the Murphy city limits sign turn Right on Old Hwy 45. Follow this for one block then continue straight and it becomes Rabbit Creek Road.
- Follow Rabbit Creek Road for about 5.5 miles to J & S Road (there is a lone mailbox).
- Turn Left on J & S Road and follow this road approximately 1.5 miles to the Ranch House

The Google Map pin below shows the location of the Left turn from Rabbit Creek Road onto J & S Road.


Punching at Control:
This meet won't have e-punching. Come close enough to a control to read and confirm the control code. A few controls (3 or less) will have something "special." You'll report back to the meet director which controls were different when you finish.

The three courses will be in a classic format, with a prescribed linear route to follow and complete. For each course, I enjoyed designing it to maximize amazing views, cool spots, and a variety of terrain. You're welcome to go at whatever pace you prefer :)

Sport (2.3km, 80m elevation gain)
Perfect if it's your first time orienteering or you'd like to develop your navigation skills.

Intermediate (3.7km, 165m elevation gain)
An opportunity to apply compass-bearing and contour-reading in rugged ranchland, packed with controls.

Advanced (6.3km, 285m elevation gain)
Same terrain and technical ability as intermediate, but you'll be even more hungry for your lunch.

Liability Waivers:
Non-members please bring printed and signed liability waivers (available for download at http://ctoc-boise.blogspot.com/ ) from home. We will have blanks if you forget, but we much prefer no exchanges.

Zach Clayton

Gold Rush Classic Meet

Idaho City

More details to come and all current details and date subject to change.

Please! Please! RSVP WITH CHOICE OF COURSE MAP AND TIMING. DEADLINE: THURSSDAY, MAY 20 If you are not a member, you must bring a signed waiver (If under 21, a waiver signed by your parent or guardian). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V6C_K2ZxCO3uxxPAQrExbFhyzQZD-6uG/view?usp=sharing THERE WILL BE LIMITED, IF ANY, SAME DAY MAPS/REGISTRATION AVAILABLE. If you have not already RSVPd, we will not be able to check for availability of maps or register you before 12 noon. Getting there: The start/finish is located approximately 2 miles northeast of Idaho City on the left side of Highway 21. Bring: Compass! Waiver, prepared in advance if you are not a CTOC member. Sufficient water for yourself. Sunscreen and/or hat. Gaitors might be useful. Shoes for mountainous terrain. If your ankles are sensitive please prepare accordingly. Cell phone., but coverage is unpredictable, so be prepared with a whistle and other fallback options.

Castle Rock Classic Orienteering

Castle Rocks

Last year Castle Rock was an entirely new map. Due to the many favorable comments and requests to expand the map, we will again visit this scenic corner of Idaho on a bigger map. Large and varied rock features populate terrain that is runable in some areas and impaired by low (18-24 inches) sagebrush in other areas. Some of the high plains terrain resembles the site of many national championship meets east of Laramie, Wyoming.

This map would have been impossible without either extensive time spent on site or new mapping technology that vastly improves vegetation mapping and locates many rock features. The distance from home and other obligations prohibit a long time mapping. After I have visited the site and expanded the map I will post descriptions of the courses


A little virus is a big deal. This meet will be conducted as if everyone else is infected and all surfaces are contaminated. All participants are expected to observe social distancing recommendations. Please read our social distancing protocol here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10BFmcsOZdQ7KtXWpF3tIGfLltMMs3q-0/view?usp=sharing

The Castle Rock Map is located about 70 miles east of Boise and 30 miles west of Fairfield south of Castle Rock Road 152. The terrain is principally rough open high prairie on approximately 2.5 square kilometers of US Forest Service land with prominent rock features and some intermittent forest.

If unoccupied, at a campsite 250 meters down (west) the road. Also 125 meters east for 8 cars. Other: park along road on one side only and out of traffic.


There are NO restrooms in the parking area or on the map.

Starts from 10 AM or to 11:30 AM. Course closes at 1:30 PM.

Non-members bring printed and signed liability waivers from home and drop them in the waiver box. We will have blanks if you forget, but we much prefer no exchanges.

FREE if social distancing protocols apply.
None of that dirty money will change hands.

Bring your own water. If it's a warm day, you might really need it. You should probably have it anyway

Print your own map(s) from images at Meetup.com photos or from email distribution. The finalized maps appear below.
If you want CTOC to print your map, please notify me with your choice of maps and count via the comments or email the meet director at [masked] . Don't count on a map unless you have RSVPed.

No touching. Come close enough to a control to read the control code.

No rental charge. Take a compass from the "rental" box. Return it to the used compass box.

A meet director will be present I observed one garter snake on the road. I did not observe rodent concentrations. I could not conclude the area is free of rattlesnakes, only that I saw no evidence of their presence. There are very large and dangerous cliffs. Be careful.

Unlike the courses in city parks, all Castle Rock courses require walking up and down hills on sometimes unstable terrain. There are no maintained trails. Some game trails are useful. All trails on the map are game trails or cow paths.

Format: Classic:
Advanced: TBA
Intermediate: TBA
Sport: TBA
The terrain does not accommodate a Beginner course.

Your own water and snacks (no sharing).
Remember, if you are not a member, waivers must be signed and emailed in advance (available for download at http://ctoc-boise.blogspot.com/ ) or dropped in the waiver box.
Gaiters recommended.

John Murray
Meet Director

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