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Welcome to CityGyd's meetup! CityGyd promotes tours & events around Los Angeles by passionate and engaging organizers. Our tours and events offer memorable experiences in food, culture, scenery, museums, galleries, nightlife and more. We provide culture, cuisine and connection to those who enjoy the good life! Won't you connect with us?

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Once upon a time in Chinatown (Cultural ft Chinese foodie tour)

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Buy discounted tickets at :https://chinatown-tour-citygyd-la.eventbrite.com

Who doesn't love Chinatown, we for one do! Chinatown is a hub for the artist, the food, the creative and the culture connoisseur. The mountain views surrounding Chinatown make it truly magical. Spend an afternoon learning about the ONLY Chinese temple in the heart of LA, exploring one of the cheapest shopping areas and eating unforgettable food.

We are excited to start our walking tour with the Thien Hau Temple which is a Taoist temple. It is truly glorious and beautiful in its presence. It is a temple dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu, the deified form of the medieval Hokkien girl Lin Moniang, located in Chinatown. In addition to Mazu, the temple venerates the war god Guan Yu and the earth god Fu De. The temple is associated with the Camau Association of America, an association serving Chinese-Vietnamese refugees from Vietnam.

Next we move on to the Dynasty Shopping Center which is a traveler's and local favorite in the area. It has a range of really affordable Chinese products, food, gift items, clothing etc., which all can be bargained.

Finally we end our culture-filled tour at the Won Kok Restaurant. It's a gem in the heart of L.A and excessively popular due to it's attractive prices and unforgettable food. It doesn't get better than that. Won Kok's dumplings, pan-fried noodles and Chinese broccoli leave our hearts throbbing for more.

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Skyscraper Hopping in Downtown LA

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Buy discounted tickets at: https://skyscraper-hopping-tour-dtla-20.eventbrite.com

Nobody walks in LA. Oh, we will see about that!

Join us on a scenic urban adventure as we frolic across giant skyscrapers via subterranean passages, flying walkways, and giant outdoor staircases.

Flying walkways are raised to keep pedestrians from crossing roads. For CALVIN HAMILTON, the former director of planning for LA, the initial twelve flying walkways were supposed to be just the beginning. He envisioned hundreds across the city's 500 square miles. The Los Angeles he dreamed of would have been divided into 29 "Centers," or islands of development, connected by walkways, moving sidewalks, monorails, and mass transit.

Via these flying walkways, we will be "arcing" past the US Bank Tower, which contains OUE Skyspace and Skyslide, both among the most visited tourist attractions in Los Angeles. We will then snake through the labyrinthine pathways within the bowels of the Bonaventure Hotel, pondering its expansive outdoor space as well as gorgeous interior leading to the Bonavista Revolving Lounge on the 34th floor.

Afterwards, we will be taking passageways and corridors through the LA Grand Hotel and World Trade Center, the latter of which contains a massive bas relief mural hidden in plain sight showcasing the world's great landmarks and historical events.

Finally, we settle down for a nice meal at local restaurant to reflect on our exploratory experience of downtown LA.


Hosted by Marina

Malibu Hindu Temple Tour (Cultural & Foodie Tour)

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Buy discounted tickets at: https://malibu-hindu-temple-tour-55.eventbrite.com

Preview tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQeyJOJlAuU

Isn't Malibu just stunning? The mountains, fresh air and just peace of mind. It is the perfect blend of human and nature. CityGyd is excited to announce its first tour in the heart of Malibu within the Santa Monica mountains. Let's explore the Malibu Hindu Temple, a cultural hub, filled with history and stories.

We begin our tour at the entrance of the temple complex, which is dedicated to the Hindu god Venkateswara, a form of the Hindu god Maha Vishnu. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu (Venkateswara) came to earth searching for the goddess Lakshmi with whom he had a fight with in Vaikunta and she left. However upon reaching earth, he couldn't find her. However to know more about this story and many more, join us at the Malibu Hindu Temple Tour.

We will explore the large complex and take in the serenity of our surroundings as we do so. There will be 10 minutes of meditation at our tour as we do so and feel our true inner peace.

Our tour will be concluded by making a trip to the food area of the temple, where all sorts of South Indian food is available at nominal prices such as $3 and connect with our group as we do so.

Models & Shakers x Singles Event at Beverly Wilshire Hotel

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Buy earlybird tickets at: https://models-shakers-singles-event-10.eventbrite.com

Find us at: The Boulevard, Beverly Wilshire Hotel

We only live once as they say. We only have one shot at life and really living it to the fullest. Here's the interesting thing about living life to the fullest -- we live in a city that gives us the best shot at being able to fly as high as the stars. Are you stuck in the confines of your office, in a mental prison or just really bored of your everyday life?Models & Shakers takes to you to a whole different level filled with glamour and influence -- a new experience, one like no other. Ever wonder what it feels like to be that person for a night whom you see on TV surrounded with all these gorgeous people. Be that person for a night. Wear your best outfit, bring your A game on as you meet a selection of LA's finest models and shakers -- beauty & power. This will be a night filled with laughs, mixing, mingling and hanging out with the exclusives of LA. Our handsome and gorgeous models will be taking the time to get to know you. Let's take photos with them on this fun packed night to remember.We bring a night full of new connections between two very different worlds:Models: Attractive people who melt hearts with their charm and charisma.Shakers: Powerful individuals who make the world go round with their impact and influence.Be a superstar with us and become part of a luxurious and exclusive evening at Beverly Wilshire Hotel as you find your top matches with our specialized compatibility test, network and mingle. It is not everyday you take part in something epic and be given the value of your hard work!Dress code: Dress to Impress!Tickets will be priced according to how soon they're purchased.

***This event is hosted by Ike Chang, founder of CityGyd; Phil of Single Professionals on Meetup; Marina Lang, an India's Top Model finalist and leading actress on 4 national TV shows in India. A consummate world traveler, she is fluent and literate in 5 languages and received her diploma in Mandarin Chinese. A recent arrival to LA, Marina loves to share her discoveries by leading tours and events in the local LA area.

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