What we're about

We offer a quirky sightseeing experience for runners of all abilities. Explore London and further afield in a truly unique and healthy way by jogging under the guidance of one of our experienced Sight-Jogging Guides. While our groups are suitable for all abilities, the emphasis is very much on having fun - budding Mo Farah's may prefer faster paced groups - but all are welcome!

Based on the increasingly popular concept of 'Sight-Jogging', whereby sightseeing and jogging are combined in a single activity, City Jogging Tours leads runners of all abilities on fascinating journeys through the streets of London and beyond.

Forthcoming tours will include exploratory Sight-Jogging trips to other UK cities, as well as weekend trips to European cities, where we will link up with other sight-jogging groups.

Tour and explore with us, while getting fit and having fun!

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The London Beer Run

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese


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