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What we’re about

Come on out and meet other people who are learning and communicating with ASL.  If it's your first time, don't worry, everyone is nervous about their first time, but everyone leaves relaxed and welcomed.  If you have ASL questions, bring 'em along!  Besides these events, do you have any favorite places you think would be cool to get together and sign?  Mention your ideas and see who else might be interested.

So, what's so special about this ASL group?

- Beginners rule! I'm getting a little better myself, but still have some learning curve issues.  I try to keep a "beginner's mind" about it. I'm not studying to be an interpreter, I'm not on a schedule or in a hurry, and this is not a part of my professional life, but if it helps others who are on that road, that's cool too.

- I’d like to see more events at local hangouts in Baltimore, and even in other cities and towns with awesome and undiscovered meeting spots.

- ASL Immersion is not a requirement here – it’s a great method, and one that lots of organizers insist upon in their groups.  But this isn't a classroom and I'm not a teacher.  I'm open to the discussions and questions about ASL that hearing students often have that are just too complicated for a beginner to discuss using ASL.  If a voice conversation is a part of understanding ASL better, it's welcome here.

- All levels are welcome, but if you're more advanced, please be willing to help.  Adjust to your audience and realize you'll be helping them out. The goal is for everyone to communicate, learn and improve, not to keep up with the best signer in the room.

- And, IT'S FREE!  There's been a lot of discussion lately about Meetup costs and asking members for donations, but not here.  This is my own pursuit until I run into some obstacle that makes me rethink it.  Please join me.

Thanks for visiting.  Once you join the group, you'll receive regular reminders of new meetups in your email.  No obligations to attend any of them, just keeping you informed.  If you do want to attend one, just click the link and RSVP so I can keep a handle on who's coming, table size needed, etc.  No special invitations necessary.  

I look forward to meeting-up with you!