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Civic Tech YVR #17 | Civic Buildings: Publicness and Why It's Important

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Welcome back to the 17th Civic Tech YVR Meetup! We hope everyone is enjoying spring and we're excited to get back into the overlap between technology and public life.

This months event will focus on civic buildings in Vancouver and why “publicness” matters.

Bev and Sim from Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN) will present research and findings from their civic buildings survey. The survey explores the "publicness" of civic buildings by measuring factors such as accessibility, user diversity, governance and cost. The research, compiled by 12 volunteers, includes analysis of traditional civic buildings such as libraries and community centres, as well as non-profit and privately-owned spaces that perform a civic function e.g. a local bookstore or coffee shop.

During their presentation they’d like to hear from you! In addition to sharing the projects the civic buildings group are working on, the meeting will include a participatory component. Please consider a Vancouver (or local) example of a building (public and/or privately owned) that is important in your life, and be open to reflect on its attributes. During the meeting, they'd also love to get your input on a potential collaboration between VPSN and Civic Tech on the next phase of the project. If there is interest from the group, there will be a follow up workshop to generate ideas on a webpage and/or a webapp to take this project to the next level.

For more information on VPSN and the Civic Buildings portfolio, visit:
725 Granville St #420 · Vancouver, BC
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