What we're about

CivicTechYYC is a community based group that is part of a global movement to leverage technology for public good.

We are passionate volunteers who come together to conceptualize and engage on projects that serve to make Calgary an even better place to live.

We are a group of technologists, designers, public employees, community organizers, entrepreneurs, policy analysts and other engaged citizens. No matter what your experience, anyone from any sphere is welcome to share and build ideas together in the civic tech movement.

Our goal is to use technology, data and connectivity to address challenges that citizens and governments are facing and to pursue opportunities for greater citizen engagement and more effective services.

CivicTechYYC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Please join us to pitch new project ideas or to participate in our existing projects.

Find out more about CivicTechYYC and our projects at https://civictechyyc.ca/

Also please sign up for our newsletter at https://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=g5ct7zcab&p=oi&m=1102527957958&sit=9nsltobeb&f=1a0f58b3-9ea0-492f-a9ad-fe92b3f3f99e

What happens at a CivicTechYYC meetup?
• Welcome & Introductions
• Guest speaker (about 20min)
• Update on existing projects
• New project pitch ideas
• Break-off into working groups for remainder of time
• Re-convene to share any progress updates and if you have any requests for support

Want to pitch an idea? We are looking for tech-based solutions to improve the lives of Calgarians. We strive to build tools and applications based on open technology that are free for use. Our projects prioritize the use of technology for public good over private gain. No power point, just you and a few minutes to share your idea.

Upcoming events (1)

CodeAcross - CivicTechYYC Hackathon

University of Calgary - Taylor Family Digital Library - Gallery Hall

CodeAcross is a worldwide series of civic hackathons that take place on International Open Data Day. This will be a day for developers, designers, data analysts and non-technical folks to collaborate on civic projects that will help make Calgary a better place to live. The focus will be on coming together to launch new ideas and accelerate existing CivicTechYYC projects. The day will start at 9am with breakfast and coffee. 9:30am - Groups will present their project concepts 10am - 4pm - LET THE PROJECT WORK BEGIN AND CREATIVITY FLOW! NOON - Lunch will be provided 4pm - Project presentations and Wrap-Up This event is for developers, creatives, project managers, data experts and anyone who is interested in working on a multi-disciplinary volunteer team to make Calgary an even more amazing place to live! Please note that this event will start before the Library is open. We will have people posted to let you in through the locked doors from 9:00 - 10 am. FAQs Do I have to be part of a team before March 2nd? Not at all. At the start of the day the project leaders will share a bit about what they are working on and you can join one of the projects that interests you the most. Do I have to be a developer or someone in tech to be a part of this group or attend this event? This group is designed so that even those without a technical background can be a support to a project. Are you an artist? A graphic designer? A copywriter? A project manager? A person who wants to make Calgary a better place? Come out an join us! Is there a fee to attend or be a part of CivicTechYYC? CivicTechYYC is a barrier free group... meaning we are free and open to all. Can I bring a friend? Absolutely! Please just make sure you RSVP and register your friend on Meetup. • What to bring Please bring you own laptop & charger. Also bring a power bar and extension cord if possible. This event is supported by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences ( https://www.pims.math.ca/ )

Past events (1)

CivicTechYYC - February Meetup - Civic Tech Success Stories

Work Nicer Coworking (Stephen Ave)

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