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What we’re about

This group is intended to bring together lovers and performers of music throughout the area.  Let's make our area a hub for independent musicians and artists to share and collaborate with each other.  Types of things this group might do:

• Find, create, promote, and attend open mic events in the area

• Play songs together as a group - both in private spaces and in public spaces

• Freestyle jam sessions

• Workshops, presentations

• Learn from each other, collaborate, help newcomers overcome anxieties

The group is open to players of all instruments, musicians of styles.

One of the most important ingredients for bringing people of diverse backgrounds together is respect. A place where you feel comfortable might appear threatening to someone else, even if you don't understand why. Not every event will appeal to everyone and that's OK. This is obvious to most people, but derogatory behavior (insults, bigotry, physical intimidation) will be handled with consequences. 

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