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Are you a creative entrepreneur seeking to build a successful business doing what you love?

Are you struggling to figure out what direction to steer your business?

Do you desire to feel more confident and happier with your business?

Do you want to come together with other entrepreneurs and have fun connecting, learning and growing?

These workshops bring entrepreneurs and individuals together to meet, connect, and learn new tools for personal development and business growth.

Building a business can be challenging in many ways - not only professionally and creatively, but personally and emotionally too. The process of creating a business can bring fears and anxiety to the surface and lead us to confront many of our self-limiting beliefs. Therefore, building a successful business doing what we love comes down not only to crafting the right strategies, but also to managing our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

In these workshops, you'll have the opportunity to learn tools for both business development and for developing a more empowered relationship with yourself. You will also have the chance to offer and receive support to other entrepreneurs to share the wisdom you have gained, as well as receive guidance in areas you are struggling.

Coming together in-person can be a powerful experience for all of us, as we continue to support one another to pursue our creative passions and build sustainable businesses out of them.

Through our workshops, you will:

• Learn tools and frameworks for building a sustainable business

• Workshop through your biggest challenges with the support of others

• Learn how to connect with your true desires and passions so your business can unfold from them

• Learn techniques for managing your fear, anxiety, and stress

• Get clear on key aspects of your vision, implementation strategies, and communications strategies

• Take time away from the daily grind of your business to step back and evaluate the state of your company.

• Come into community

These workshops are interactive - you will have time to put pen to paper and get to deeper levels of clarity during our time together. These are not lectures. They are experiential “working workshops.”

About Lee:
Lee Cholodenko is a business, branding and personal advisor for creative entrepreneurs. Through his consulting business, he helps business owners create solid foundations for new or existing businesses by helping them to clarify their visions, solidify their core strategies, and learn to express their businesses in clear and engaging ways. He also facilitates workshops on the Healing Your Life work, developed by Paul Ferrini, which teaches individuals to love themselves unconditionally, heal childhood wounds, and step into their power and purpose. Lee’s consulting and workshops integrate business principles with personal development teaching to help creative entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses doing what they love. To learn more about Lee, visit his website: https://leecholodenko.com/

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