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The Silent Partner (1978) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox
“One of the crown jewels of tax shelter-era Canuxploitation cinema.” - TIFF The Silent Partner (1978) is a Canadian heist film directed by Daryl Duke and stars Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer and Susannah York. John Candy also appears in a small comedic role. The Silent Partner is a remake of a Danish film called Think of a Number (1969). Oscar Peterson provided the film’s score, which turned out to be the only score he ever produced for a dramatic film. Miles Cullen (Elliott Gould) is a timid bank teller at the Toronto Eaton Centre. When he realizes one day that his bank is about to be robbed by a menacing figure dressed as Santa Claus, he hides some of the bank’s money and keeps it for himself. After news reports come out that detail how much the bank lost, the thief (a very sadistic Christopher Plummer) soon figures out that he was outsmarted and decides to get the rest of the money. This sets off a thrilling cat‑and‑mouse game between Miles and a madman with cunning plans and a dangerous temper. Unlike most Toronto film productions which have our city pretending to be New York, Chicago, Boston or Los Angeles (complete with yellow cabs, USA TODAY newspaper boxes and re-branded store fronts); this film actually takes pride in showing off that the characters live and work in mid-70s Toronto. The film starts off in the brand-spanking-new Eaton Centre (Phase One [Dundas to Albert Street] had just opened in 1977 and Phase Two [Albert to Queen Street] did not open until 1979). The only fake shop in the movie is the bank where the robbery takes place: the very Toronto-ish sounding First Bank of Toronto. All the other real stores you’ll see in the mall are all now long-gone (Slack Shack, Coles the Book People, Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlour, Bata shoe store, a place shaped like an orange that sold orange juice, a place that sold tropical fish, and Eaton’s). Other Toronto scenes you’ll see in the film include: the Silver Dollar Room (which was recently demolished), old yellow police cars, various sites along Parliament Street, a ride on the subway, the Beach(es), and a romantic dinner on Captain John’s Harbour Boat Restaurant. And this is probably the only film where you get to see Christopher Plummer wearing a mesh tank top. The film was the first to be produced by Carolco Pictures (which later produced films such as Total Recall and the first three Rambo films) and took advantage of the Canadian government's generous Capital Cost Allowance tax provision, which allowed producers to write-off 100% of their invest in Canadian produced films. The tax shelter era for Canadian films lasted from 1974 to 1982. The film won in six categories at Canadian Film Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Musical Score. This was the last year of the Canadian Film Awards [masked]), which henceforth became known as the Genie Awards. Roger Ebert, in his March 30, 1979 review in the Chicago Sun-Times called it "a thriller that is not only intelligently and well acted and very scary, but also has the most audaciously clockwork plot I've seen in a long time." Ebert described it as "worthy of Hitchcock." The film is being presented by TIFF as part of their KinoVortex series, “a monthly showcase of bonkers B films, arthouse gems, genre classics and mindbenders of every variety.” The film will be introduced by the curator of the series, Colin Geddes. Rotten Tomatoes: 84% (Audience Score) IMDb: 7.6/10 Roger Ebert: ★★★½ (out of 4) Running Time: 106 minutes ■■■ TICKET INFORMATION: ■■■ Tickets can be purchased any time before the screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox box office (open daily from 10am to 10pm) or online (which I do not recommend as TIFF adds an online surcharge to each ticket purchased). Ticket prices are $14 for adults and $11.50 for seniors and students. As always, there is no additional meetup fee. ■■■ MEETING SPOT: ■■■ At 8:15pm we will meet upstairs by the ticket takers, near the snack bar. The meetup organizer (Mark) will be easy to spot - just look for someone with messy black hair, a green Sprite™ t-shirt and a black messenger bag. At 8:30pm we will head to the theatre and attempt to get a group of seats together in the back row (or two). The movie starts at 9:00pm. ■■■ BEFORE THE MOVIE: ■■■ As the movie will be ending late, most people will not be interested in going out for a bite or a drink after the movie. Therefore we will try to make arrangements to meet BEFORE the movie for a bite or a drink. Details to be posted closer to the meetup date. ■■■ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: ■■■ TIFF: Upcoming meetups:

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