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Are you a fan of classic movies? Then this is the meetup group for you.

Join now and become part of a group that goes out to classic movie screenings a couple of times each month in downtown Toronto.

For the purpose of this group we are going to define classic movies as those that are at least forty years old. This will give us a wide range of potential viewing options from the early silent era right up to the mid‑1970s. This is similar to the range used by TCM (Turner Classic Movies cable tv channel).

After each scheduled movie we usually go to a restaurant, bar or coffee shop to hangout with one another and talk about the movies we enjoy.

Although Toronto's rep theatres do not show as many classic movies as they use to, there are still many classic movies being shown each month. In addition to the scheduled movie meetups, we will also attempt to keep everyone updated on the various gems being shown in Toronto's movie theatres. Take a peek at the Classic Movie Calendar (https://www.meetup.com/ClassicMovies/messages/boards/thread/34872672) (currently out‑of‑date) as well as our list of Places to see Classic Movies in Toronto (https://www.meetup.com/ClassicMovies/messages/boards/thread/34706002).

Even if you may not be interested in the movies we currently have scheduled, please take a minute to signup today and then you'll find out about future meetings as soon as they are scheduled.

Group policies:

Cellphones must be turned off or kept in silent mode (no sound and no vibration) and MUST NOT be glanced at or used under any circumstances once previews have started. If you have an emergency and you need to talk, text, or call someone, please step out of the theatre to avoid disturbing others. Use of your cell phone once the previews have started could result in your removal from the group. This policy also applies to the use of computers, tablets, and smart watches.

Talking during the movie is also a potential cause for removal from this group. Our group normally goes out for a bite or a drink after the movie at which time we will have lots of time to talk about the movies, therefore it should not be necessary to talk during the movie and possibly disturb the viewing experience of others.

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... then be sure to also join the Toronto Classic FILMS Meetup group. This similarly‑named meetup group is run by our friends Alex and Dave who regularly schedule two or three classic movie screenings each month:


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