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Concert tickets are expensive. You can’t share your reactions to the music with your neighbor. You only learn what’s in the program notes. Worst of all, you can’t bring in a glass of good wine to multiply your enjoyment. We’ll select (democratically) a classical work, meet at a member’s home to listen to it, and sample wines to go with the music. So bring your passion for music (technical knowledge not necessary but appreciated) and a bottle of your favorite wine…and let’s see, hear, and taste what happens.

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Indian Classical Music, and South American Reds

Ronnie's (new) place

Meetup member Pamy has kindly offered to walk us through an introduction to Indian classical music. We will listen to a variety of secular and religious works from across the country, which Pamy will place within the appropriate social, cultural and musical context. Best of all, Pamy will bring along two friends, a sitar player and a vocal artist, who have kindly accepted to provide some live music samples. You won't want to miss this event.

Shostakovitch Chamber Music and French Whites

Needs a location

Few 20th composers were as affected by political forces as Dmitri Shostakovich. He was so concerned about the reception of his works by Soviet censors that, for a while, he spent his evenings on the elevator landing so that his family wouldn't be woken up if he were arrested. Against this backdrop, his chamber music represented a less visible, and therefore safer, channel for his amazing creativity and versatility. Join us as we enjoy some of Shostakovich's most enduring chamber works.

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Mozart Religious Works and Spanish Reds

Sonya's House

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