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Concert tickets are expensive. You can’t share your reactions to the music with your neighbor. You only learn what’s in the program notes. Worst of all, you can’t bring in a glass of good wine to multiply your enjoyment.

This meetup, therefore, is dedicated to the vanishing art of listening (without visual stimulation, but with oenophilic stimulation). We select (democratically) a classical work, meet at a member’s home to listen to it, and sample wines to go with the music. So bring your passion for music (technical knowledge not necessary but appreciated) and a bottle of your favorite wine…and let’s see, hear, and taste what happens.

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Special Event: A Moment of Silence and Solace with Bach

Online event

As we pause to remember the 200,000 Americans we have lost to COVID-19, let’s turn to one of the most lasting sources of consolation: the music of Bach, who expressed all possible shades of human emotion through his music. This Sunday, please join the online meeting of the Bach Cantata Meetup, which this month explores the composer’s extraordinary gift at offering solace and hope in the face of death. More details at https://www.meetup.com/Bach-Coffee-and-Cantata/events/272914190/. ----- Here are instructions to join the meeting: We will meet through Zoom. The link for this meeting is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84819261564. Please open the Chat function at the bottom of the screen when you join. We will watch videos in my virtual music room on Watch2Gether. The link to this room is https://w2g.tv/x4jqpq95645q0pd7ll Please open both connections to join the meeting. You may want to try these connections, as well as your microphone and speakers/headphones, ahead of time to make sure you will be able to join, hear, watch and talk. If your computer has a camera and you feel comfortable turning it on when you join Zoom, please do so—seeing everyone makes a big difference in online meetings. Note about iPads: it appears that iPads don’t handle well the concurrent use of Zoom and Watch2Gether. If you plan to run either of these applications on an iPad during our meeting, you may want to use a different device to run the other app. This is even truer for iPhones—but this music deserves better than an iPhone speaker anyway! See you all on screen at 10 am EST on Sunday, with a good cup of coffee in hand! Thierry ---- Texts, translations and scores: Cantata 8: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV8-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV008-BGA.pdf Cantata 95: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV95-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV095-BGA.pdf Cantata 27: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV27-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV027-BGA.pdf (autograph: https://www.bach-digital.de/receive/BachDigitalSource_source_00001031) Cantata 161: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV161-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV161-BGA.pdf

Visionary genius or footnote? A movie about Frederick Delius and his music

“A few there are who love and understand. They are the ones that count. The rest are not worth bothering about.” -- Eric Fenby in "Delius as I Knew Him." "How can someone so awful produce such beautiful sounds?", asks our host Wayne. A blind, paralyzed composer, slowly going mad, whose composing career is cut short--but Delius still he has compositions in his head for thirty years. How does he proceed? Frederick Delius was a pioneering, English “impressionist” who used sound to create lush, sonorous pictures in music. Abjuring many formalities and structures, he created a small body of still popular pieces. But in order to write his later, more creative pieces, he had to enlist the help of a young English musician, Eric Fenby, who lived and worked with Delius for six years until Delius’ death. Delius was friends with, and admired by, many of the prominent artists of his day, ranging from Elgar, Grieg, Munch, Gauguin and Grainger to name just a few, but also explored black American music, before he withdrew into his illness and bitterness. In a bit of a change, our evening will be centered around the movie by Ken Russell, “Song of Summer,” that captures the conflicts, contradictions and paradoxes that can exist in the creative process and the conflict between esthetics and character. The movie is a high quality portrait of the last few years of Delius' life, and also provides some overview of his music. We will also listen to two of his works. Please click on this link to access a handout about Delius: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14V7YO9rJZ0Td9pUlTPGODt3r6hltQ213/view?usp=sharing Sparkling wine has its own contradictions and complexities so should be the perfect accompaniment. Instructions on how to join this meeting will be posted here a few days before the event.

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