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Do new technologies excite you? Do you constantly seek for new programming languages? That's really a great thing, and we absolutely encourage that, but what about the basics? When was the last time that you enhanced your development skills?

In this group, we will try to enhance our basic skills. We will gather once in a few weeks to talk about things like clean code principles, TDD issues, .net/java internals, domain driven design concepts, javascript OOP and any other issue that might interest you. We are not fanatic, any other issue that exceeds the main motto of this group will also be welcomed as long as it's interesting enough.

This group applies to those who wish to enhance their basic development skills whether they are highly experienced or just beginners. Feel free to suggest new meetups but please send us an email first: Itzik Saban: itziksaban@gmail.com Boris Modylevsky: borismod@gmail.com

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Functional Programming in Practice && DDD Aggregate - a Powerful Pattern

* Functional Programming in Practice * By Tal Joffe You probably all heard of functional programming before but thought it is only for crazy professors writing LISP code for obscure academic purposes. And if you had enough courage to actually try to learn about it you felt it is complicated or non-practical and is only good for very specific use cases. The truth is that most modern languages and framework are adapting at least some aspects of functional programming and it's core principles can improve your code and make it much cleaner. In this lecture, I'll go briefly through the history of functional programming and the logic behind and explain the core principles and how they can be used for better cleaner code. About Tal: Tal, Full stack Team leader at Nielsen. Being doing various positions in the software world for the past 9 years, recently in big data and web. * DDD Aggregate - a Powerful Pattern * By Itzik Saban In a world of ever-growing systems, in terms of data and concurrent requests per minute, it’s becoming a big challenge for a system to stay consistent without hurting the performance, and with the rise of NoSQL, it’s even more challenging. In this talk, I will introduce the Aggregate pattern, presented in DDD, which was invented solely for that purpose - to keep the data consistent in highly concurrent systems, while keeping the performance hit at a bare minimum. About Itzik: Backend Engineer at Taboola and a co-organizer of this meetup group (Clean Code Alliance). I'm a Clean Coder at heart and I'm highly passionate about software design and architecture. NOTE: a final location will be announced soon. Agenda 17:45 - 18:00 Gathering 18:00 - 18:45 "Functional Programming in Practice" by Tal Joffe 18:45 - 19:00 Break 19:00 - 19:45 "DDD Aggregate - a Powerful Pattern" by Itzik Saban PARKING ========= There is a free 3 hours parking in TLV Fashion mall (5 minutes walk from the office) and free parking at Givon parking for Discount bank card holders.

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