What we're about

Eating clean and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing or expensive. With a little knowledge and inspiration even YOU can successfully adopt and maintain an Eating-for-Health LIFESTYLE and help others to do the same. -- You are more powerful than you know!

This Meetup is for those who want . . .

~ to learn more about our health-robbing fake-food culture and the power of REAL food!

~ help making sense of the astronomical amount of diet and nutrition information out there and knowing what’s best for you and your family (vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, high carb, low fat, gluten free???)

~ to lose weight to feel more comfortable and confident

~ have a nagging condition or illness you want to reverse, prevent or get under control

~ help with resistant children or other family members

~ already know WHAT to eat, but need help with HOW to make it happen consistently -- or already know and USED TO eat better, but need help getting back on track

~ want to conquer food cravings and emotional eating -- for good!

~ want practical tips for making food shopping and preparation fast and easy

~ or just want to meet and hang out with some other health foodies & wannabe health foodies

JOIN US! – and let this former junk-food junkie turned nutrition & health coach help you put together the ingredients you need to cook up an individualized Eating-for-Health LIFESTYLE -- so you can regain and maintain your health, energy and natural weight!


I can't wait to give you all the info and inspiration you need to get started on your new way of life -- as so many did for me when I was a chronically ill, junk-food junkie struggling to get my health, energy and life back. -- If I can do it, so can YOU!

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Clean Eating with Juicing

Patterson Westley chamber of commerce

Enjoy fresh salads and fresh juices

Patterson Westley chamber of commerce

Trying various summer salads and smoothies

Patterson Library

Join us for a juicing day

Patterson Library

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