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A collective of LGBTs who have escaped (or are working on escaping) the grip of chems and alcohol and are finding an alternate way of living - through being clean and sober.

For many of us drugs and/or alcohol had become problematic in our lives. Some of us have been severely damaged through Chemsex. And so we've been working on refinding our sanity through sobriety.

This is not a money-making group nor does anyone try gain any financial reward from "treating" anyone. Merely a supportive group of anyone from the LGBT community or our allies as we work towards staying sober in a chem and alcohol fueled world.

This group is private and anything discussed here is confidential and expected to stay in confidence.

We're also looking into acting as a sobriety support group; depending the amount of newly clean and sober members who needed initial support as they get out of the tangle. The group however for now acts as a complimentary meetup to any recovery program you're currently on/attending/not attending!

We don't believe you need to be spiritual in order to be sober. But allow everyone to follow their own path towards their own sobriety.

We are NOT 12 Step based, but people who are are also welcome to join us.

We also plan on setting up drug and alcohol free activities such a hiking weekends away and even club experiences - just clean & sober! But can develop this idea over time.

Please appreciate as well that this is not the best place to pick up (!) - a LOT of us are still dealing with our own inner issues and so are still needing time to heal. Any such distractions may cause us to relapse.

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Meetup at Redemption Bar - Covent Garden

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