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This month, we're exploring how folks are making planet friendly services that use connected products, and the impact of IoT on the world of environmental sustainability.

Special thanks to Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures ( for providing a venue, drinks, and food for the evening. <3.

Doors open at 6:30, for a 7pm start.

We'll be starting at 7pm on the dot (we are in Germany, after all) - please be on time!

Harnessing Pester Power for the Planet
Philipp Mahr

About 18 months ago, we met Hyko, ( an IoT-enabled toy polar bear, designed to get parents to save energy round the home. Philipp tells us about Hyko's journey, since meeting a co-founder at one of our first events back in 2014, and the trade-offs manufacturing in both Germany and the Far East.

7:45 Break for drinks and networking

Workshop - Exploring the IoT Product lifecycle

We'll then have a short workshop activity in groups to explore what options are available in a connected product's lifecycle to improve it's footprint, before sharing what we learned back in the group.


We’ll be finishing up the event with a fishbowl session - an interactive, moderated high quality panel discussion, to discuss in more detail the things we learn on the evening.

9:00 Drinks and networking, then off to the Brauhaus Lemke

We have the space until around 9:30 - afterward the conversation continues 200m down the road, at Brauhaus Lemke (