Cleanweb Wild: Conservation and the Web


This month we are looking at how the web and information technology is being used to tackle issues relating to conservation globally. Whilst technology has been used to help support research and address some of these challenges, it is still reasonably unchartered territory.

We have a lineup of speakers who have a range of projects; from utilising existing social media solutions, as well as larger scale initiatives, that are starting to help document, chart and empower people to address these big and hard to solve problems that face conservation at a global level.

19:00 Doors open

19:15 Welcome & Announcements

19:30 Alex Rogers ( New Forest Cicada App - Southampton University/New Forest Cicada Project (

19:50 Matt Williams ( Communications Manager for the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project and creator of the #Rainforestlive ( initiative

20:10 Break for refreshments

20:25 Gavin Shelton ( Head of Enterprise and Innovation and Fauna Flora International ( - Conservation Labs Project

20:45 Alasdair Davies: Technical Advisor of ZSL Conservation Technology programme. ( will be sharing more about their Instant Wild Project (

21:00 Drinks at the Electricity Showrooms