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This group is all about learning software development by doing. We won't be teaching the basics. We won't have long slide based presentations. Instead we will go deep into bigger topics such as CQRS, Event Sourcing, message driven architectures, automated deployments into the cloud, continuous delivery, etc. You will need to come with some level of programming already in hand.


A workshop in our current thinking is a 6 hour moderator lead focused working session. This is not a long winded presentation with a bunch of slides. We expect the moderator to create a curriculum for the class. Preferably not around a tired topic. We are focusing on leading (not necessarily bleeding) edge topics. The class will be broken into 3 hours in the morning. A break for lunch. And 3 hours after lunch. We may also look to continue the conversation after the class in a less formal setting.

Moderators Job

Create a focused curriculum that can be achieved by most in six hours. The topic should be easily explained in the first 20 minutes or so. A backlog or other form of documentation should be delivered to help guide the builders through their work. Perferably we have it set up to break the large group into small working teams that are pair programming with each other. Groups of 2 or 3. If groups of 4 are needed (in large group settings) then two pair programming teams might work. Etc.

The moderator is meant to lead the group towards a goal. The journey to that goal is the point of the workshop. The moderator in this case is the product owner.

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