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This group is for anyone who wants to become a successful real estate investor in Tampa Bay dismissing the common myths surrounding the real estate market. Despite what you hear out there, truth is:
Yes, you do need some money out of your pocket to start!
No, unless you have super powers you cannot do this successfully from the beginning by yourself!
No, unless you have done hundreds of deals already, you cannot buy and sell a property overnight!
The truth is:
9 out of 10 Millionaires made most of their money through real estate!
There are great opportunities out there in real estate and real money to be made. But you have to Know how!
You don't have to be a millionaire already in order to start a successful real estate business and you don't have to be the host of a famous HGTV show coming in from NY or LA! Anybody can become successful at this with the right education and determination. You must really want this!
If you participated in one or more workshops organized here in Tampa Bay on behalf of big HGTV stars and other celebrities, and you even paid for some of those programs, but at the end of the day you did not flip a house yet, this group is for you!
Equally, if you are one of the fortunate ones who never yet registered for a celebrity real estate investment course, but you know you are interested in creating some passive income streams in real estate and you are serious about being a real estate investor, this group is for you as well.
Any entrepreneur who wants to expand their horizon and diversify through real estate investments and flipping houses here, locally, is welcome!

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