What we're about

Florida Business Incubator Inc., a non-profit organization is a multi-industry business incubator that
promotes all small businesses within their communities by providing mentorship, networking
opportunities, and strategic business resources. We pride ourselves on creating a strong bond between
small businesses and their communities through advocacy, visibility, and business assistance.We support
business owners through any stage in their businesses' development and help alleviate the common
struggles of new business growth.

You will receive vital strategic resources and mentorship through a wide range of success tools that will
create a thriving relationship between your business and prospective audience. Established businesses
are invited to become a sponsoring partner. As a sponsoring business, you can engage in a supportive role
within the business community and invest in local entrepreneurship resources through our incubator

Your business can provide mentorship to other emerging entrepreneurs so they know exactly how to profitably grow a thriving and sustainable business, support the innovative and creative spirit of local entrepreneurs, share knowledge of your offering, and grow your own audience. Our Virtual Spark Tank series features weekly virtual learning presentations from local experts across multiple facets of a business. These interactive sessions are designed to grow your knowledge base in a collegial and supportive environment, answer questions you have on the week's topic, and provide networking opportunities with other emerging entrepreneurs.

Check our website at www.flbizincubator.org (http://www.flbizincubator.org/) to find out more.

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