What we're about

An local umbrella Meetup, "braintrust" and peer group covering any and all topics, discussions and presentations concerning BLOCKCHAIN technology, cryptocurrencies (CC) and decentralized/distributed systems and applications.

TOPICS including, but not limited to:
- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash and all the other major cryptocurrencies, altcoins and tokens.
- Investment, trading, security, wallets, mining, masternodes and more.
- Blockchain technology, development and applications (dapp).
- Decentralized and distributed systems, networking and applications on the blockchain.

The goal is to have one large monthly general meetup with more frequent specialized meetups, optimally on a weekly basis, based on the different interests and goals of the members and attendees of the group. (ie, Week 1: Investment/Trading, Week 2: Blockchain Dev, Week 3: Mining and Nodes, etc.)

- educate public and peers on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and related tech
- understanding wallets, exchanges, use and purchasing of cryptocurrencies
- security, research and due diligence in the "Wild West" of CC and ICO's
- have like-minded people meet and network and create specialty sub-groups based on interest and goals
- get a diverse group of people with different skills, experiences and strengths to work together on common goals/interests
- the history, present and *future* of blockchain and cryptocurrency
- potentially create projects and off-shoot non-profit and/or profitable ventures in the blockchain world and the cryptosphere
- focus the blockchain and cryptographic knowledge in NE OH to the benefit of the community, both public and private, profit and non-profit

Resources and Administration: Meetup, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail/Google Drive, #Slack current. Possible website, Telegram, github, depending on participation, needs and donation levels.

Distributed intelligence, knowledge, skills, presentations, tasks and projects on a peer basis. :)

Thank you for your interest. ALL are welcome to participate.

Cleveland Blocks!

Donations accepted (via Cryptonator; https://www.cryptonator.com) and to be used specifically for the benefit of this Meetup:

Bitcoin (BTC): (min .0001) 15jc15TpmaQR1yNEnr5UoHuyLHL4xkw54K

Dogecoin (DOGE): (min 10) D6ys7qPUF9VL17jyu9M9uNGguUeKVKDyau

Litecoin (LTC): (min .005) LVinVRm8L8bgsFzhSnhDjiUhcAw47VHc21

Monero (XMR): (min .001) 4BrL51JCc9NGQ71kWhnYoDRffsDZy7m1HUU7MRU4nUMXAHNFBEJhkTZV9HdaL4gfuNBxLPc3BeMkLGaPbF5vWtANQtJsExjixhLBuYcfUr

ZCash (ZEC): (min .0001) t1crBXVKpGfxUk3pUCRELp514V22JQvLAcy

DASH: (min .001) XugRrTTeY7marqpCRt1MSsuAsjGgAzQcmE

OTHER AltCoins or not listed: Please contact Organizer(s) at meetup, Meetup message or via email: cleblocks@gmail.com

Conventional Donations:

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/ddramsey

Cash, Check, Money Order or Corporate/Gov't Donations/Grants/etc: Contact Organizer(s) at an actual meetup, via email or by phone

Thank You for ALL that YOU do. :D

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Upcoming events (2)

(PROPOSED/NOT YET SCHEDULED) Special 20.1.1: BITCOIN BASICS: Intro to Blockchain

This is a PROPOSED meetup and not yet scheduled nor confirmed.

(PROPOSED/NOT YET SCHEDULED) Special 20.1.2: Blockchain Maths & Hashing

This is a PROPOSED meetup and is not yet scheduled. I will advise when scheduled and confirmed. (pending) • What to bring (pending) • Important to know This is strictly a Special Topic meetup presentation/discussion, so bring your pen & paper, laptops, tablets, etc to be an active participant. This is NOT a general monthly meetup with an "open forum" that goes from basic through advanced. This topic requires a pre-existing basic knowledge of how Bitcoin and other blockchain/cryptocurrencies work. NOT an introductory presentation. Thank you.

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Monthly Meetup 16.0

Cleveland Public Library Louis Stokes Wing

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