• XState & React with Kirk Shillingford

    Online event

    XState & React: The Power of Finite State Machines in the Front End

    This talk aims to be a friendly introduction to the xstate library, how it works, and why you might want to incorporate it into your Next.js or TypeScript application.

    Frequently, state management frameworks allow us to model the appropriate states of our application. Xstate lets us go one step further by also defining the valid transitions between those states, and that unlocks a very powerful ability to create complex applications with minimal pain.


    About Kirk:

    Kirk is a professional software developer from the Caribbean who's been trying to be good at writing code for over 5 years. After getting his start in python and data science, he fell hard into the functional programming space, using languages like Elm, and F# for front end development and domain driven design. He currently spends a lot of time spreading the good word of pure functions, typescript, and like, memes on Twitter. He's also a bit too fond of sudoku.