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Come join us online and learn all about Next.js! Next.js is a popular React framework that is used to create "production-grade React applications that scale." CLE React member James Mosier will walk us through getting started creating static and dynamic React sites using Next.js.


James's Talk:

There are many considerations to make when starting a new web application. Does it need to be a dynamic site? Or static? Or both?! Who will setup and manage your build tools (looking at you webpack!)? What do you do as the organization scales? The list goes on. With so many solutions out there specializing in one thing or another, which do you choose? What if you could have all of that and more? Well you’re in luck! Next.js is an all-in-one, zero configuration solution for production ready static and dynamic web applications. Used in production by some of the largest companies in the world, Next.js solves the tough problems so you can focus on creating great products for your users. Whether you are building an enterprise dashboard, e-commerce site, blog, or all of the above, Next.js can do it. In this talk we’ll cover all of this and more and dive into what makes Next.js so great for you and most importantly your users.


About James:

James Mosier is a Senior Front End Engineer at RVshare, a peer-to-peer RV marketplace. He’s worked across the entire development stack in the past but has always had a love for JavaScript and CSS. He enjoys helping out open source communities, teaching others, and writing accessible and performant applications.