React Native/ Expo for Web: The Browser Is Just Another Mobile OS

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Last time we talked about React Native and Expo at CLE React, it was all about an easier way to break into mobile development by way of React skills we've honed on the Web. Well, in the meantime, Expo has been organizing a secret friendly takeover of web development, making "web" just another build target alongside iOS and Android. Let's take another look at Expo and React Native, but this time from the perspective of building one app that truly runs everywhere, seeing how mobile components translate seamlessly to web, and what to do when they don't.

About Keith:
Keith is a mobile developer at Nudge, specializing in building their next generation of wellness engagement apps using React Native. He loves all things mobile, except screen notches and manufacturer-specific Android bugs. When he’s not slinging JavaScript, you might find Keith zipping through busy Cleveland streets on his bicycle, building a computer case out of Lego, or in the kitchen breaking new ground in the field of alternative omelette fillings.